(Date Sheet) Tamil Nadu PSC Recruitment Examinations Schedule: 2011


Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission

TNPSC Schedule of Recruitment Examinations 2011

Schedule of Recruitment Examination:


Date(s) of Examination

Posts included in C.S.S.E-I Services

19.06.2011 FN

Posts included in Group-I Services Exams - Preliminary Examinations

05-06-2011 FN

Village Administrative Officer in the T.N.Ministerial Service

20.02.2011 FN

Hostel Superintendent-cum-Physical Training Officer in the Training Wing of the Dept.of Emp&Training

09.01.2011 FN

Posts included in Group-I Services, 2008–
2009 AND 2009 - 2010 - Main Written Examinations

22.01.2011 FN &

23.01.2011 FN

Special Assistant in the D.V.A.C

06.03.2011 FN

Statistical Asst. in T.N.P.H.S.S

26.02.2011 FN

Block Health Statistician in T.N.M.S

26.02.2011 AN

Forest Apprentice in the TN Forest Sub. Service

21.02.2011 to 05.03.2011
(Except 26.02.2011 &

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