(Download) CSIR-UGC NET : Syllabus And Sample Paper of Paper- I & Paper-II

Syllabus of Paper-I (Part-A) of CSIR-UGC NET:

Note : Syllabus of Paper-I : Common to all subjects

1. General information on Science and its interface with society to test the candidate’s awareness of science, aptitude of scientific and quantitative reasoning. Questions would be so designed to judge the creativity, analytical ability and research aptitude of a candidate.

The questions would be setup in each of the subject areas of NET, viz., Chemical Sciences; Earth, Atmospheric, Ocean & Planetary Sciences; Life Sciences; Mathematical Sciences and Physical Sciences.

2. Common Elementary Computer science:
(Applicable to all candidates offering any subject area; A few questions dealing with basic computer awareness and uses.)
(i) Programming instructions
(ii) Simple algorithms and Computational methods.

Download the Syllabus/Sample Paper of Paper-I (Part-B) & Paper-II of CSIR-UGC NET:

Chemical Sciences:

Earth Sciences:

Life Sciences:

Mathematical Sciences:

Physical Sciences: