(Info) Civil Services Examination: Instructions/Guideline for filling up the Application Form


Instructions/Guideline for filling up the Application Form
 Appendix - II

General Instructions:

1. Candidates must use only the form supplied with the information Brochure purchased from any of the designated Head Post Offices/Post Offices listed in This Page. Form should be purchased from designated post offices only and not from any other agency. Candidates must use the form supplied with the Information Brochure only and they should in no case use photocopy/reproduction/unauthorisedly printed copy of the Form. The form will NOT be supplied by the Commission’s office.

2. The application form must be filled in by the candidates in their own handwriting. Since this form will be processed on computerised machines, candidates should exercise due care in handling and filling up the application form. They should use HB pencil only to darken the circles. For writing in the boxes, they should use blue or black pen.

Since the entries made by the candidates by darkening the circles will be taken into account while processing the applications on computerised machines, they should make these entries very carefully and accurately. Entries in the boxes are meant for confirmatory purposes and these should also, therefore, be made correctly. There should be no variation between the entries made by the candidate by darkening the circles and those written in the accompanying boxes.  

In case of any variation between the entries made by the Candidates in the boxes and the accompanying circle, the entries in the boxes will be treated as authentic and final.

3. Candidates should ensure that the signatures appended by them in all the places viz. in their application form, Attendance List etc. and in all the correspondence with the Commission, should be identical and there should be no variation of any kind. If any variation is found in the signatures appended by him at different places, his candidature will be liable to be cancelled by the Commission.

4. No change in the entries made in original application form will be allowed under any circumstances.

5. The candidates are advised in their own interest to ensure that the applications reach the Commission’s Office on or before the closing date. Applications received in the Commission’s Office after the closing date will not be considered.

6. While filling in his application form, the candidate should carefully decide about his choice for the centre and optional subject for the examination. More than one application from a candidate giving different centres and/or optional subjects will not be accepted in any case. Even if a candidate sends more than one completed application, the Commission will accept only one application at their discretion and the Commission’s decision in the matter shall be final.

7. On the Acknowledgement Card, the candidates should write their application form No. (as printed below the bar code on the form) and the name of examination viz. "Civil Services (Preliminary) Examination, 2009". They should also write clearly and legibly their mailing address on the Acknowledgement Card. A postage stamp of Rs. 6/- should be affixed on the card. The Acknowledgement Card should not be stapled or pinned or tagged or pasted with the Application Form.

Contact Info:
Below is the Address for UPSC Delhi Office for all your queries regarding Exams and other related information. Union Public Service Commission have a Facilitation Centre near Examination Hall Building of its Delhi campus. Candidates may obtain any information/clarification regarding their Examination/Recruitments on working days between 10.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. in person or over telephone no.011-23385271/011-23381125 and 011-23098543 from this Centre.

Candidates can also obtain information regarding results etc.


  • 011-23385271,
  • 011-23381125,
  • 011-23098543

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