(Fellowship) Teach For India Fellowship 2011

Teach For India Fellowship 2011

About TFI Fellows

Teach For India Fellows:

The Teach For India Fellowship is probably the most challenging and transformational experience of a Fellow's life. As teachers in classrooms, Fellows have multiple opportunities to confront and tackle challenges, motivate diverse stakeholders to work hard toward a shared vision, create and adjust plans to move further towards their goals and gain the confidence they need to succeed.

Age range

20 to 35 years, with an even distribution between men and women.

Regional diversity

Teach for India Fellows come from all over India, with adequate representation from all geographical regions of the country.

We also have international representation from the UK, Australia, Asia comprising around 10 percent of the Teach for India Fellows.

Examples of leadership positions that our Fellows hold

Our Fellows have demonstrated leadership in a variety of ways - College festival coordinators, Editors of college magazines, Leaders of diverse college clubs and societies, Managers of departments and projects at work, Heads of sports teams and clubs, Corporate team leaders, leaders of youth groups such as AISEC and Rotaract.

2011 Fellowship Application Deadline

Final  Deadline: January 23rd 2011

How To Apply:

Admissions process:

We will choose Fellows based on a multi-phase admissions process, including an online application, a phone interview, and a full-day, in-person Assessment Centre. Additionally, we will ask references to send us recommendation forms by e-mail. The online application will be open in the summer of 2010, and applicants can continue to apply to the program until January, 2011. We will conduct phone interviews and Assessment Centres for applicants who pass the application stage on a rolling basis.

How to submit an application:
  • Online Applications: IIn the summer of 2010, applicants will be able to submit an application directly on our website by clicking here
  • TEACH FOR INDIA WILL NOT ACCEPT HARD-COPY APPLICATIONS. Please do not print and mail hard-copy applications to Teach For India.
  • Applications are non-binding.

Parts of the Application

YOU ARE NOT ASKED TO SUBMIT A CV/RESUME or COVER LETTER/ PERSONAL STATEMENT AS PART OF THE APPLICATION TO THE 2010 TEACH FOR INDIA FELLOWSHIP. Please do not send CV's, resumes, cover letters or personal statements to Teach For India.

All applicants will be required to complete the following sections of the application: 

  • General Applicant Details
  • Academic Information and Work Experience
  • Extra-curricular and Volunteer Experience
  • Short Essays

Contact Detail:


  • Pune: +91 20 6400 0252, 6400 1558
  • Mumbai: +91 22 2518 5821, 2518 5823, 6453 0040


  • admissions[at]teachforindia.org
  • support[at]teachforindia.org

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