(Paper) IAS Mains Previous Year Paper Sociology (1965)

Paper: IAS Mains Previous Year Paper Sociology (1965)


1. Point out the recent trends in the development of sociology as a science.

2. Bring out the role of culture in the development of human personality.

3. Discuss the important factors involved in the: making of a criminal.

4. Differentiate between traditions, custom and mores and show how they regulate and control human behavior.

5. Bring out clearly the meaning of economic determinism in Marxian thought.

6. Discuss the changing power structure and leadership in the Indian rural community.

7. Bring out Tonnies' differentiation between 'Community' (Gemeinschaft) and 'society' (Gesselschaft) and show how this paved the path for Cooley to develop his theory of primary group.

8. Analyze mechanisms of mass media of communication How far do mass media of communication influence the formation of public opinion 1 Illustrate your answer with examples.

9. Analyze the processes involved in social organization

10. Distinguish between audience and crowed. Discuss the Psychology of action crowd

11. 'Society is co-operation crossed by conflict'. Comment