(Paper) IAS Mains Previous Year Paper Sociology (1966)

Paper: IAS Mains Previous Year Paper Sociology (1966)


1. Discuss the limits of prediction in sociology as a social science.

2. Discuss the sociological significance of caste as a from the social stratification. Can we ever have a casteless society?

3. 'Natural selection is a constantly diminishing factor in the evolution of civilized man'. Comment

4. Trace the process by which rural areas are affected by urban influences. Give examples to illustrate your answer.

5. What are the logical steps in the research process? Justify their sequence.

6. Distinguish between the elite and the intellectual and analyze their role in social control.

7. Point out important recent trends in the development of sociological theory.

8. Define 'mass behaviour'. Enumerate briefly the socio psychological characteristics of mass society.

9. 'Bring out the role of prestige in leadership. Distinguish between dominance and leadership.

10. Give a critique of Karl Marx's theory of social change.

11. Do you agree with the view: 'Disorganization of the family as a primary group is an unavoidable consequence of modern civilization'? Support your answer with arguments.

12. Write short notes on any two of the following:-

(a) Reference group

(b) Social planning

(c) Mores and folkways

(d) Welfare State