(Paper) IAS Mains Previous Year Paper Sociology (1967)

Paper: IAS Mains Previous Year Paper Sociology (1967)


1. Discuss the relationship of structure to function in social systems.

2. Trace the emergence of social self in society.

3. Discuss Tonnies' concept of Gemeinschaft. How does he differentiate between Gemeinschaft and Geselleschaft?

4. Discuss the positive and negative consequences of war as a form of social conflict.

5. What specific characteristics mark the caste system in India under the present democratic set-up? Can we have a casteless society? Give arguments.

6. Does the State exist for the individual or the individual for the State.

7. Define 'leadership' and show how a 'leader' influences public opinion. Cite instances from the life of Gandhi to illustrate your answer.

8. Discuss how sociologists have dealt with the idea of progress.

9. Mention the important safeguards provided for the welfare of backward classes and scheduled tribes in the Indian Constitution. Are they adequate?

10. Analyze the processes involved in the formation of a crowd that you might have witnessed. Also mention the main characteristics of its behaviour.

11. Discuss the role of religion in primitive society. Illustrate your answer with Indian examples.

12. Discuss the main sources of social statistics in India and point out steps that have been taken in recent years of correct their shortcomings.