(Paper) IAS Mains Previous Years Paper : Psychology (1991)

IAS Mains Previous Years Paper : Psychology (1991)

1. Answer any three of the following in about 200 words each:
(a) Examine the status of Psychology in the family of Social Sciences.
(b) What are the salient features of a laboratory experiment? Illustrate how you would plan to conduct a laboratory experiment to ascertain the effect of a narcotic on student's academic performance.
(c) Briefly discuss the environmental factors affecting vigilance.
(d) Elucidate the concept of approval motive and discuss its influence on behaviour.

2. Citing experimental evidence describe how values determine one's social perception.

3. What methods would you employ to study discrimination learning? Explain the phenomena of transposition. And how is it explained by relational theory?

4. Within the framework of operant conditioning experiments discuss major types of schedules of reinforcement and their impact on the modification of behaviour.

5. Answer any three of the following in about 200 words each:
(a) Bring out the difference between surface and source traits of personality. How has Cattell identified the latter empirically?
(b) Critically examine the significance and difficulties involved in the measurement of social attitudes.
(c) On what basis can it be asserted that there are two systems of memory? Discuss their importance to retention.
(d) Outline the necessary steps for developing a test for the measurement of scientific aptitude or intelligence.

6. Murray's theory possesses the unique feature of a simultaneous emphasis upon the importance of the past of the organism and the present context within which behaviour takes place. Discuss.

7. Analyse the process of communication. Highlight the importance of effective communication between students and teachers in the university set-up.

8. Discuss the implications of the Humanistic Man Model for behaviour change. Will this model be suitable in the present-day world?

1. Answer any three questions of the following (Each answer should not exceed 200 words):
(a) Elucidate the technique of personnel selection and state its importance.
(b) What is meant by social and cultural deprivation? Examine the major consequences of social deprivation.
(c) In the light of psychological characteristics of the adolescents, discuss the specific problems they face in learning situation.
(d) State in brief the important symptoms of psychopathic personality. Point out the fundamental difference between these symptoms and those of neuroses and psychoses.

2. Examine the basic principles in the construction of psychological tests. What steps are to be taken to get assured of their dependability?

3. Examine the major characteristics of client-centred therapy and group-therapy and state their respective merits and limitations.

4. Elucidate the psycho-social factors that are contributory to resistance to changes of any social system. Suggest a concrete plan to improve or eradicate the same.

5. Write answer any three of the following (Each answer should not exceed 200 words):
(a) Discuss the major steps to achieve social integration.
(b) What do you understand by work motivation? Discuss how its functional role may contribute profit to industry.
(c) Drug addiction is acclaimed as a threat to our country. State its cause and remedy.
(d) Elucidate the causes and consequences of deprivation. Suggest corrective measures.

6. Explain Entrepreneur Syndrome, and the steps that you will suggest corrective measures.

7. What are the psychological barriers of effective communication? Discuss with particular reference to the mass media. How do you propose to overcome the barriers?

8. The multifarious problems of aged persons have posed a great challenge to the society and our country. Suggest a programme for their all round rehabilitation.