(Paper) IAS Mains Previous Years Paper : Psychology (1994)

IAS Mains Previous Years Paper : Psychology (1994)

1. Answer any three of the following in about 200 words each:
(a) "Cognitive psychology is the scientific study of cognition that explains how mental processes are organised and function." Explain.
(b) Examine the scope of application of psychology in different fields. Give suitable examples.
(c) Explain that endopsychic conflicts, even though they do not become conscious, draw a great deal of nervous energy which could otherwise be used for creative activities.
(d) Explain the concept of economic motive and discuss its influence on behaviour.

2. What difference would it make in our educational procedure if there were little or -no transfer of learning? Discuss the scope of programmed learning in curriculum of certain courses for students.

3. How is national character developed? Explain its need and importance in present day political situation.

4. Explain the causes of forgetting. Is it a necessary aspect of learning process? Justify your answer with examples.

5. Answer any three of the following in about 200 words each :
(a) Discuss the effectiveness of projective technique in the measurement of personality. Give suitable examples.
(b) "Dream is the guardian of sleep." Explain.
(c) What is conflict resolution? How best can it be attained? Give suitable examples.
(d) Describe an integrated model of man acceptable to the modern society.

6. Distinguish between physical and environmental stress and state the generalised responses. Is it possible to overcome this?

7. "People tend to conform to group norms of thought and behaviour. Conformity pressures can create situations in which the information obtained from personal modes conflicts with information obtained from social modes." Explain.

8. Describe the physical and psychological problems of man in aviation and space flight.

1. Answer any three questions of the following (Each answer should not exceed 200 words):
(a) What is behaviour therapy? Can it handle alone all kinds of behaviour disorder? Give reason.
(b) Describe the chief features of participatory management system. Does it help creating better work culture?
(c) Examine the characteristics of various types of work motivation. What is the role of social prestige and security in this context?
(d) What is interaction process analysis ? How does it measure group behaviour?

2. Does quantitative measurement of psychological traits cover all aspects of personality? Suggest measures to overcome its limitation.

3. Describe the various kinds of psycho-physiological disorders. Are they in any way related to psychopathic personality? Indicate the line of treatment in this respect.

4. Examine the view that the psychological resistances to change are dynamically related to social change proneness prevalent in the society. Suggest measures to alter this syndrome.

5. Answer any three of the following (Each answer should not exceed 200 words):
(a) Does the Indian school serve as a true agent of socialisation. Discuss this problem keeping in view the social objectives of modern Indian society.
(b) Elucidate the concept of cognitive deprivation. Describe the psychological measures to eliminate it.
(c) Describe the psychological components of prejudices. Give suitable examples from Indian context and suggest possible remedies.
(d) What are the chief features of achievement motivation? How does, can it be assessed?

6. What is information management system? Explain the problem of information overload. Describe the psychological factors which make it more effective in operation.

7. Distinguish between White Collar and Blue Collar Stress. Discuss some of the coping strategies with each type of stress. Give suitable examples.

8. Examine the role of mass media in the Indian social change process. Critically evaluate the role of Doordarshan with a special reference to its advertisement display programme in this context.