(Paper) IAS Questions on World Trade Organization

 IAS Questions on World Trade Organization (WTO)

1. How many members are there today?

2. Which one is the last country to join?

3. Which Polynesian country was approved for membership in the WTO in the Hong Kong Ministerial in 2005?

4. Mention two subsidies that are not limited by the Agreement on Agriculture?

5. What are the four modes mentioned in the General Agreement on Trade in Services(GATS) of the WTO and in which of the four modes does India have special interest?

6. Mention the Ministerials of the WTO that have been held since the emergence of the WTO in 1995, chronologically?

7. Mention in one line: Was Cancun a success or failure?

8. Multi Fibre Arrangement (MFA) was replaced by what in 2005? Why?

9. Differentiate between safeguard duty and anti-dumping duty.

10. What is the multifunctionality role of agriculture and which subsidy derives support for it?