(TOPPER) IAS Topper: Mr. Ankur Garg

Ankur Garg ( IAS )

A believer in divine blessing , dedicated to filial piety-these traits or qualities are not exactly associated with careerist modern bureaucrats enjoying the loaves and fishes of power . Yet, an element of surprise may be in store for you when you hear that IAS topper and a brilliant student Ankur Garg attributes his outstanding achievement to blessings of God and parental best wishes . A brilliant student all through, Ankur was pursuing his engineering studies in the premier institution IIT , Delhi and had two successive stints in internationally acclaimed institutes in Paris and Lausanne before graduating as an engineer . Even as offers of six digit salaries and perks commensurate with it started pouring in the young engineer opted for Civil Services only for the love of challenge and commitment entailed by the service. With another IAS topper Ashutosh Jindal (D.M. /West) as his friend , philosopher and guide Ankur Garg is currenly undergoing probation and planning to bring about incremental qualitative changes in the administration . Ankur however makes no secret of his conviction that he has a lot to learn and a lot more to unlearn as an IAS probationer. For the benefit of young IAS aspirants in Tripura Ankur is prepared to offer any help in preparatory studies . In this exclusive interview he spoke his mind with a candour and warmth that bowls you over .

Que : Being a topper in the civil service examination is a fantastic achievement . How could you achieve this , I mean, what was the secret of your success?Ans :Â There is no secret of success. It is something which is known to everyone. One just needs the blessings of God, the good wishes of parents, teachers and friends and sincere and single-minded devotion. That is he open formula for success. Que : Would you let us know a little bit about your early life with special reference to your academic record ? This may be inspiring to youths of Tripura. 

Ans : I had been amongst the good students throughout my school and college days. I did my graduation in Electronics Engg. from I IT Delhi and passed out in the year 2002. I did the third year of my engineering studies from INSA, Lyon, France as an exchange student. Besides this, I also did a 3 month internship at EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland. I took the Civil Services Exam immediately after completion of my graduation and this was my first attempt. As Civil Services was always at the top of my mind, I did not take up any job with any of the MNCs and software companies that come to IIT campus for recruitment. 

Que :With your caliber and academic achievements you could have joined other dignified and rewarding services. What prompted you to go for civil service ? 

Ans : Civil Services is a career which offers you immense responsibility and authority to do good to large sections of the society at a very young age. Such an exposure is not perhaps available with any other service in India at present. Besides, there is a very high career status associated with the job. These were the two factors that prompted me to go for Civil Services. 

Que : What specific contributions can you make to the civil service and the cause of people from the posts you will be holding ? 

Ans : Presently, I am undergoing training in West Tripura. My aim right now is to observe and learn - how things work and how can they be made to work in the best possible way. I am sure that when I get my formal posting, I shall be able to utilize these learning's and I shall try my best to make whatever incremental or big changes I can make in the lives of people. But right now, I have lots to learn and am not in the best position to answer this question. 

Que : What is your view of Tripura ? How do you think can the state develop in spite of the constraints of geographical isolation from the mainstream and lack of resources and infrastructure? 

Ans : Tripura is a very beautiful and progressive state, which is so distinct from its other north-eastern neighbours in all aspects. So far, my short stay here (appx. 20 days) has been a fascinating experience. The more I learn about our state, the more I realize that I have to learn more. In these days of connectivity (physical or electronic), I do not think that geographical isolation will be a major inhibiting factor in the state's development in the coming future. Tripura has a huge base of literate and qualified youth and this should be exploited. Infrastructure development is coming to the state in a big way. Though lack of resources continues to be a hindrance, we must realize that we have to develop methods to utilize whatever we have in the best possible way. For this, we should identify and exploit the core competencies of the state in an optimal way. 

Que :What are your suggestions to youths of Tripura aspiring to join the civil service ? How should the youths of the state prepare for this elite service ? 

Ans : Civil Services is an excellent career option. Especially for the youth of Tripura, because the representation of our state in the Civil Services is already very low, and this needs to be increased. And Civil Services is an exam where hard work and dedication can see you through. For that, you don't need to have excellent academic background or education in elite institutes. I have seen good book shops in Agartala where many good books are available. They can always go in for self-study and take the assistance of their college or university teachers in case they find difficulties. Going through the newspapers regularly is another absolute essential. With the state well connected through internet and cable-TV, flow of information is no longer a problem. In case they need any specific guidance, they can always contact me. I shall try to be of whatever help I can to them.