(Paper) IES Indian Economic Previous Year Paper (1994)

Paper : IES Indian Economic Previous Year Paper (1994)

1. Attempt any two of the following in about 400 words & each: (30)
(a) Terms of Trade between Agriculture and Industry in India. (30)
(b) Strategies of Development relevant to India’s Factor Endowments. (30)
(c) A critical study of the Central Budget for 1994-95.   (30)
(d) Partial and Full Convertibility of the Rupee. 30

SECTION II (in 300 Words each)
2. How do you account for the low productivity level of Indian agriculture? What measures do you suggest to raise the overall productivity? (25)
3. Enumerate the difficulties encountered in India in calculating the national income. Propose improvements, if any. (25)
4. What remedial measures would you recommend for the Solution of the unemployment problem in India? (25)
5. “In India, nationalization of Banks has been made only to help the private sector” Critically comment.

SECTION III (in 600 Words each)
6. What is fiscal policy? Explain the importance of fiscal policy in the context of any underdeveloped country. How far are the fiscal policies effective in mobilizing resources in India for its economic development? (45)

7. Analyze the reasons for the slow development of heavy industries in India. How has this affected the growth process so far? (45)

8. Dwell on the nature and prospects of the recent multilateral trade pact and consider the aspects of expected modernization and self-reliance for the Indian economy in particular. (45)

9. “While the sectoral composition of GNP during the past 40-45 years has shown significant changes, the sectoral composition of employment did not keep step with it.” (45)