(Paper) IES Indian Economic Previous Year Paper (1995)

Paper : IES Indian Economic Previous Year Paper (1995)

1. Attempt any two of the following each in about 400 words
(a) Globalization of Indian Economy as an anti-poverty perspective. 30
(b) Export promotion strategy adopted in India and its achievements. 30
(c) The financial relationship between the Centre and the States against the backdrop of the recommendation of the tenth finance Commission. 30
(d) Banking Sector reforms introduced in India under the economic liberalization policy. 30

Answer any two of the following: (Answer should be in about 300 words on each)
2. How far do the basic features of Indian economy indicate that it is still an underdeveloped economy?  Discuss in the light of recent developments in the country. (25)

3. Looking at the satisfactory spurt of food grains production, can it be said that the Indian agriculture is on a sound footing? (25)

4. “Infra-structural deficiency is the main hurdle in the papid industrialization of the country.” Comment. What has been done by the Government in the recent times to solve the problem? (25)

5. Account for the dismal performance of public sector enterprises in India. Suggest measures to make these enterprises economically viable. (25)

Answer any two of the following: (Answer should be in about 600 words on each)
6. Analyse the main contents of the new industrial policy of the Government of India. How will it accelerate industrialization of the country? (45)

7. How would you fit Economic Planning and public spending into a market-driven economy during the continuing reforms process? And how would you ensure in the emerging situation the percolation of economic and social benefits to the poorest? (45)

8. Examine the comparative significance of monetary and fiscal policies in stepping up the economic growth of developing countries. What has been India’s experience over the recent past in this respect? (45)

9. Dwell on the present state of India’s balance of payments. What has been the impact of the new economic reforms on it? (45)