(Paper) IES Indian Economic Previous Year Paper (2006)


Paper : IES Indian Economic Previous Year Paper (2006)


The candidates should attempt FIVE questions in all including Question No. 1 from Section 1, Question No. 2 from Section II and the remaining THREE questions from Section III.

1. What do you understand by the following?
(a) Planning Commission
(b) Antyodaya Anna Yojana
(c) State Finance Commission
(d) Lead Bank Scheme
(e) Urban Agglomeration
(f) Non-banking Financial Intermediaries
(g) Voluntary Disclosure Scheme     (7 ×5 = 35)


Candidates should attempt any five parts of the following question. (Answer to each part should be approximately of 150 words)
2. (a) Discuss the criteria for inter-State distribution of Plan assistance.
(b) Discuss the problem of Child labour.
(c) Write a note on Rural Infrastructure Development Fund.
(d) Explain the Foreign Direct Investment Issues in India since 1991.
(e) Analyses the post-reform changes in the composition of imports.
(f) Discuss the recommendations of Narasimham Committee on Banking Sector.
(g) Explain the concept of fiscal deficit and its significance in our budgetary exercise.    (15 ×5 = 75)


Candidates should attempt any three of the following question. (Answer to each part should be approximately of 500 words)
3. Critically examine the criteria adopted by the various finance commissions in awarding fiscal resources to States from the angle of achieving horizontal equity. (30)

4. Discuss the important reasons for disinvestment and analyses the issues involved in the disinvestment programmes. (30)

5. Explain various kinds of unemployment and give an account of important employment generation programmes of the Union Government. (30)

6. Critically analyses the structural reforms undertaken by the Central Government since 1991. (30)

7. Explain the reasons and the estimates of black money in India and also analyses its effects on the economy. Suggest measures to reduce it. (30)

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