(Paper) IFS - Indian Economic Service Zoology Previous Year Paper (I) (2001)

Paper : IFS - Indian Economic Service Zoology Previous Year Paper (I) (2001)

1. Write briefly on any four of the following in not more than 150 words each:
(a) Compare the heart and aortic arches of a reptile with a mammal (10)
(b) Parasitic adaptations of Ascaris (10)
(c) Social organization of termites (10)
(d) Adrenal medullary hormones and their functions (10)
(e) Peculiarities and affinities of Sphenodon (10)

2. (a) Describe the organization of brain of placental mammal and indicate the various coordination and regulatory centers present, in functional terms. (20)
(b) Describe the gonadal hormones and discuss their role in pubertal changes and maintenance of fertility. (20)

3. (a) Write a note on parasitic protozoans and helminths of man. Add a note on their vector(s)/mode of transmission. (20)
(b) Discuss the flight adaptations of birds from morphological, anatomical, physiological, biochemical point of view. (20)

4. With suitable diagrams describe the asexual and sexual cycle of Plasmodium. Add a note on symptoms and prevention of the disease. (40)

5. Write notes on any four of the following in note more than 150 words each:
(a) Integrated Pest Management (10)
(b) Green House effects, causes and impact (10)
(c) Acquired Immuno Deficiency Syndrome (10)
(d) Project Tiger (10)
(e) Endocrine Control of Metamorphosis (10)

6. Discuss the various methods of conservation of natural resources in India. Assign reasons for unsatisfactory state of affairs and indicate possible corrective measures. (40)

7. (a) Discuss social behaviour of primates. (20)
(b) Compare one-way and two-way F. Test with suitable examples. (20)

8. (a) Discuss the principles and applications of scanning electron microscopy. (20)
(b) Present a brief review of sustainable production in agriculture. (20)