(INTERVIEW Exp.) First day, first show : Sadayappan

First day, frst show !!! : Sadayappan

My friend Sadayappan (BITS-Pilani, Dual degree - Chemistry/CompSci Engg) had his interview today. This was his first mains, second attempt. He had worked with an IT firm for some time before taking the exams. This is what happened inside Mr.E.Balaguruswamy's chamber today for about 40 mins, in Sadayappan's own words.

Did you have anything outside? How was the tea?
Tell me about your district (for 1 min).
You should have got a good placement in campus? Then why did you leave the job?
What is dual degree?
Which is the by-product? Chemistry or computer science?
What are your hobbies?

1st member:
Tell me about food adulteration. How it can be controlled?
How did coco cola give different test results in the span of one week?
What are the methods done in for testing these kind of beverages?
How would you stop food adulteration as a bureaucrat?
Tell me some of the problems caused by computers.
What is impression finding? How well it is developed in India?

2nd member:
What is governance? (I had already mentioned about 'governance' in one of my earlier answers)
What is good governance?
'The government which governs the least is the best government'. Comment.
What is literacy rate in your State?
How often it is calculated?
Do you find any pattern of literacy in your district?
What is the burning issue 'today' ? (inflation)
What is the government doing today to tackle this issue ? (cabinet committee)
Tell me where who have come close to the government.
Do you know that your financial benefits (w.r.t fifth pay commission not sixth) will be less here when compared to software job?

3rd member:
Tell me about Tanjore painting.
What was the issue of badminton and bird flu?
Which badminton event was stopped because of that?
What is your opinion about the coming up of malls?
Explain character, integrity and honesty.

4th member:
How is chemistry going to help computers?
Tell me about C 60 and its applications.
How computer is going to help chemistry?
If you become collector in your district which issue you would address which today's collector is not able to solve?
How will you tackle political pressures?
Will you resign your job when you are harassed and will you go back to software sector?

What Sadayappan is the interview over?
Do you have anything to ask us?
Be frank..Do you think we five (referring to the interview board) can solve any burning issues?

..thats how it ended.
Many technical questions I flunked. Overall it was cordial. The board helped me to keep myself cool."

Courtesy: http://pilanipictures.blogspot.com/