(Info) UPSC Selection Process - Reservations

INFO : UPSC Selection Process - Reservations

The UPSC system of selection is a good balance of merit and affirmative action.

What i feel is needed is

Firstly, a clarity on the definition of General/Open Category seats.

Available here refers to giving a choice to candidates at the beginning of the application process


Given here refers to the end of selection process where the final list is prepared

should these “open-seats” be “available”+”given” to everyone including reserved category? (As the standard of performance of Reserved candidates goes up continuously “giving” seats will lead eventually to zero selections from general category as they have no quota once we use the definition that “General seats” as “given” to “ALL”) Which is double reservation.


Whether these “open seats” should be “available” to those who mention their category as “General” in their forms from the beginning (As these seats are already “available” to everyone while applying. these should not be “given” to “everyone” once the reserved candidate has forfeited his right of applying in the seats already “available” to all)


Secondly, the question of responsibility of state.

Is it to “enable” the backward category to be able to compete for jobs on the same footing as with general via reservations in higher education?


giving reservation in higher education and jobs both? which is double reservation and dilution of the concept of “equality of opportunity”.

Personal Verdict

1. General category should be open to only those who apply as general since the option to apply as general is available to all

2. Reservation benefit should be available at one point, either jobs OR in higher education at the discretion of the candidate, NOT both.