(Interview Exp) My Civil Services Interview) : Gangadhar Patil

My Civil Services Interview) : Gangadhar

my interview (full version)

my interview was on 8th.
i got tripathi madams board.i knew this will be her first time experience of interviewing for IAS before this she has take

for ifs.
i had no idea about this board but knew that its very cordial.

optionals ; commerce and economics
qual ; b.com
hobbies ; cycling, body building, volleyball
preference ; IPS,IAS,IRS,IFS =0


as soon as i entered madam and all panel member addressed me and permitted me to sit with a charming smile, i was really

happy to see the mood.

madam : what do ur freinds call u.
me:ganga and sometimes gangadhar also
madam:tell me ur roll no and date of birth
me:025507 and 9th march 1985
madam:why have u given ips as ur first option.
me:(i knew this question will be there, i answered straight away.)

1st member:u does not look like going for body building, todays body building is more about 6 packs and all is not it...

they laughed.(i also smiled)
me; i think body building is not only about muscel building its more about mental and physical fitness.

Q: do u go for jogging
me: sir i do cycling

Q: do u know there is one champ called ntini who runs for 10 km.how many hours u do cyclin
me:one hour on regular basis and also use it as means of transport, rather than bike of car.

Q:how will u use ur knowledge of commerce and economics in civil services?
me:i said sir, whatever knowledge i have gained is only by reading books within four walls so my exposure to practical life

is very far.with my understanding i can use commerce for dealing with funds and i also said about my plans of using

economics in policing and policing through economics...

Q:stop.. stop.. what is that idea of economics in policing.
me:i explained it

Q:are we following the system of accrual or cash management
me:i said accrual

me:no.. no.. cash management

Q:yes.. tel me what will be problem if we follow accrual system
me:i said, probably the problem of recognition and tracing.

Q:have u given a thought to it
me:yes,, but i could find only this reason

2 member

Q:tel me what is preamble of india;
me:i was fumbling democratic, socialis, secular and

Q:he interupted and said is not india that is bharat..
me:yes... but sir dont remember exactly

Q:what is the difference between bharat and india
me:bharat is orginated from our country and emotionally close to us.. i think this is the reson

Q:tel me the meaning of secular and socialist
me:i answered

Q:tel me which part of directive principle u like
me:i said about gandhian philosphy

Q:tel me about fundamental duties and name some of them
me:i mentioned about 4 of them and said cannot recall..

3 member

Q: what would u sugest for indias development, agriculture or induatrialisation
me:i said mix of it

Q:what do u feel about bringing common petroleum pricing
me:i answered in vague terms

4th member

Q:tel me is there any noble prize for economics
me:yes sir 1967

Q:who has won from india
me:amartya sen 1997

Q:tel me about amartya sen
me:i told about p index and his writing on bengal famine

Q:name any four economist from india
me:bhagwati, amartya sen, our prime minister, y v reddy and .....

Q:who is y v reddy..
me:rbi governor

Q:do u know samuleson
me:is he an economist

Q:i dont know u must tell me
me:i know only one samuleson who plays for west indies cricket team..

Q:everyone laughed...
me:i also joined

Q:tel me another economist name..
me:a...... ... cant recall

Q:do u know about means and ends chain, tell me about that and what was gandhijis view on that
me:i knew it very well and was able to answer calmly

Q:do u know brahmananda..
me:sir i dont know

Q:he is an economist from kanataka, u check it on google
me:i said certainly


Q:tel me about capitalism
me: i answered it comfortably

Q:what do u mean about decentralisation
me:i answered it.

madam: ok thank u very much.

madam: ok thank u very much.

my response: the board was very co operative, the vibes given by them were worth appreciating.they kept smiling without

giving any stress.even when i was fumbling the gave me time to rethink.throught the interview madam was smiling and everyone

else was cordial.i wish everyone get such kind of environment where the candidate is able to communicate what he feels.

wish u all very best.

Courtesy: Gangadhar Patil