(Interview) Previous Interview Questions Year 2001-02

Previous Interview Questions Year 2001-02 : 

  • Expand CRR & SLR? what the present rate?Who was the framers of our Indian Constitution?
  • Who created the cartoon show of Allauddin the Magic or Arabian nights?
  • Expand the term U.A.R & W.F.T.U?
  • Name any two Italian World Famous Painters?
  • Who is the mughal emporor prohibited the use of Tobacco?
  • Who is Brutus Mercus?
  • tell me something about pink city of India?
  • Name few Stock market shares of BSE sensex?
  • What is the India's place in egg production?
  • Who quoted - Et Tu, Brute!

Some Question With Answer:

(Set - 1)

1) Which country is having Chess as their national game?
Ans : Berlin i think so.. not sure ..

2) Who wrote the book "Drain of India's Wealth " ?
Ans: Dadabhai Naoroji.

3) 1st phase of Indian National Congress?
Ans: a) on Dec 1885 INC was founded by A.O.Hume.
b) Its 1st session held on Dec 28 at Gokuldas Deshpal Sanskrit College , Bombay.
c) Its chairman was W.C. Banerjee.

4) When did Spilting of Congress took place?
Ans : Spliting of Congress took place in the year 1907. at Surat session between Extrimist & Moderates.

5) Just say in ur opinon about Gadar Party?
Ans: a) Founded by Ras Bhihari Gosh, Raja Mahindra Pratap, L. Hardayal, Abdul Rehman in USA & Cannada.
b) Secret leaked out , British captured & arrested Gadar party leader.

6) When did Olympics started? in which country?
Ans : The History of Olympics is about Twenty Eight hundred years old.

(Set - 2)

1) Who invented Computer for the first time?
Ans: Charles Babagge.

2) Who is the London great comedian?
Ans: Charlie Chaplin A London very Famous Great Comedian & also Producer. from the year 1889 - 1977.Later he became Film Star.

3) Who is the producer of Titanic?
Ans: James Cameroon.

4) Who invented Bicycle?
Ans: Macmillin in 1842.

5) Explain about common wealth games? were it started? in which Country?
Ans: Commonwealth games started in Melbourne for first time.

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