(Magazine) Yojana Magazine June 2010

Yojana Magazine June 2010

Destination India has certainly caught the attention of the world in a big way. Neither the recent global recession nor the guns and bombs of terrorists have really suppressed the upswing that set in during the early years of the 2000s. Except for a very brief lull last year, the arrival of foreign tourists has maintained a steady upward trend, and foreign exchange earnings from the sector were an impressive 11.7 billion US dollars in 2008. Add to this the growing aspirations, curiosity, surplus income and new found wanderlust among our own people and you have a sector that is perhaps the fastest growing tourism sector in the world, a sector that accounts for 5.92 % of India’s GDP, provides employment to 49.8 million of her people and has the potential to bring prosperity to rural and backward areas.

New frontiers have opened up within the sector that was traditionally focused on heritage, culture and pilgrimage. Tourists are flocking to Indian hospitals, wellness centres, centres of yoga, ayurveda and other alternate systems of medicine.

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Dear Team, There is no link to download the Magazine, this happens too often with the new posts on your website. Kindly provide me with a link to 'download ' Yojna's June 2010 issue. Your are doing a consistently good job, keep it up! Regards, Akhil Rana.


please provide the download link for yojana magazine may 2010, june 2010 and july 2010 issues. thanks.