Yojana Magazine - October Issue 2010

Yojana  Magazine - October Issue 2010

Sustainable Food Security
From 1947 onwards, achieving food security for all has been a national goal. [..]

Revamping Food Procurement and Pricing Policies
Minimum Support Price, procurement and distribution are three extremely critical government policies that are indispensable. [..]

Revamping the Public Distribution
With all the fuss and noise created around amount of grain to be distributed to poor families across the country..[..]

What Ails Cold Chain Logistics in India?
The economy of India has gained momentum. The country is viewed as a lucrative destination for business world over.[..]

Food Security : The challenges ahead
Agriculture in India still accounts for 52% of employment, 12% of national export and 17.8% of GDP. [..]

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