(Paper) Bank Clerical Exams Test Paper (Reasoning ability and Numerical Aptitude) Page -4

Paper : Bank Clerical Exams Test Paper (Reasoning ability and Numerical Aptitude )

Page - 4

Directions (Qs. 101?105) : Rearrange the  following six sentences I, II, III, IV, V and VI in proper  equence so as to form a meaningful paragraph.  Then answer the questions given below them.  

I.We were interested by contrast in understanding what lessons actual teams and non-teams had  for others to choose to struggle with change and  performance.
II.Still, we suspected that most of these focused on  persuading readers that ?terms are important?. 
III.After all we thought teams are a well-known subject  and there must be a thousand books on the subject already. 
IV.By going down this path we hope to discover  something to say that was different from most books on the subject.
V.We approached the idea of a book on teams cautiously.
VI.Alternatively they focused on providing you to advise on building teams as an objective in it self.

101.Which of the following will be the SECOND sentence?
Ans:( d ) III

102.Which of the following will be the FIRST sentence ?
Ans:( a ) V

103.Which of the following will be the THIRD sentence ?
Ans:( c ) II

104.Which of the following will be the FIFTH sentence ?
Ans:( e ) I

105.Which of the following will be the LAST sentence ?
Ans:( b ) IV

Directions (Qs. 106?110) :In each sentence 
below four words have been printed in bold type, which are 
numbered (A), (B), (C), (D).  One of these words may be 
either wrongly spelt or inappropriate in the context of the 
sentence.  The number of that word is the answer.  If all 
the four words are spelt correctly, the answer is (E), 
i.e., all correct. 
106.He had experienced (a) / a purposefully (b) / 
discussion (c) / on topics of our interest. (d) / All 
correct (e) 
Ans:( b ) 

107.To solve a (a) / problem, one needs to have (b) / 
intelligent and firm (c) / determination. (d) / All correct 
Ans:( c ) 

108.Many legends (a) / superstions endow the moon with 
(b) / a beauty and mistery which will (c) / linger for 
countless years. (d) / All correct (e)
Ans:( c ) 

109.People in our country are distressed (a) / by the 
spate of strikes, an almost (b) / perpetual go-slow and 
(c) / increadibly low productivity. (d) / All correct (e)
Ans:( d ) 

110.The faces of the (a) / twins were so (b) / 
identical that we could not (c) / differentiate between 
them. (d) / All correct (e)
Ans:( c ) 

Directions (Qs. 111?115) : In each of the following 
questions five words are given, which are numbered I, II, 
III, IV and V.  By using all the five words, each only 
once, you have to frame a meaningful and grammatically 
correct sentence.  The correct order of the words is the 
answer.  Choose from the five alternatives the one having 
the correct order of words and mark it as your answer on 
the answer sheet. 
111.I.  interested II.  inIII.  
IV. areV.  games
(a)III,  IV,  I,  II,  V
(b)V,  IV,  I,  II,  III
(c)III,  IV,  V, I,  II
(d)III,  V,  IV,  I,  II
(e)III,  IV,  II, V, I
Ans:( a ) III,  IV,  I,  II,  V

112.I.  wasII.   toIII.   he
VI.  goV.   ready
(a)III,  I,  II,  IV,  V
(b)I,  III,  IV,  II,  V
(c)III,  IV,  II,  V,  I
(d)I,  II,  IV,  III,  V
(e)III,  I,  V,  II,  IV
Ans:( e ) III,  I,  V,  II,  IV

(a)V,  II,  III,  I,  IV
(b)III,  IV,  II,  V,  I
(c)V,  I,  III,  II,  IV
(d)V,  II,  III,  IV,  I
(e)III,  IV,  V,  II,  I
Ans:( c ) V,  I,  III,  II,  IV

(a)V,  II,  IV,  I,  III
(b)II,  V,  IV,  I,  III
(c)IV,  V,  III,  I,  II
(d)II,  V,  III,  I,  IV
(e)II,  III,  V,  I,  IV
Ans:( d ) II,  III,  V,  I,  IV

(a)IV,  III,  V,  II,  I
(b)IV,  I,  III,  V,  II
(c)II,  I,  III,  V,  IV
(d)IV,  I,  V,  III,  II
(e)II,  III,  V,  IV,  I
Ans:( b ) IV,  I,  III,  V,  II

Directions (Qs. 116?120) :In the following 
questions, five words are given out of which only one is 
mis-spelt.  Find that mis-spelt word and indicate it in the 
Answer Sheet.
Ans:( b ) exageration

Ans:( b ) sacrelege

Ans:( a ) allitration

Ans:( c ) idiosy

Ans:( a ) jaundise

Directions (Qs. 121?130) :Read the following 
passage carefully and answer the questions given below it.  
Certain words/phrases in the passage are printed in bold to 
help you locate them while answering some of the questions. 
Nature is an infinite source of beauty.  Sunrise 
and sunset, mountains and rivers, lakes and glaciers, 
forests and fields provide joy and bliss to the human mind 
and heart for hours together.  Everything in nature is 
splendid and divine.  Everyday and every season of the year 
has a peculiar beauty to unfold.   Only one should have 
eyes to behold it and a heart to feel it like the English 
poet William Wordsworth who after seeing daffodils 
said: ?And then my heart with pleasure fills and dances 
with the daffodils?. 
Nature is a great teacher.  The early man was 
thrilled with beauty and wonders of nature.  The Aryans 
worshipped nature.  One can learn the lessons in the vast 
school of nature.   Unfortunately the strife, the stress 
and the tension of modern life have made people immune to 
beauties of nature.  Their life is so full of care that 
they have no time to stand and stare.  They cannot enjoy 
the beauty of lowing rivers, swinging trees, flying birds 
and majestic mountains and hills.   There is however, a cry 
to go back to village from the concrete and artificial 
jungle of cities.    Hence the town planners of today pay 
special attention to provide enough number of natural 
scenic spots in town planning.  To develop a balanced 
personality, one needs to have a healthy attitude which can 
make us appreciate and enjoy the beauty of nature. 
There is other balm to soothe our tired soul and 
listless mind than the infinite nature all around us.  We 
should enjoy it fully to lead a balanced and harmonious 
life, full of peace and tranquility. 
121.Which of the following words has the SAME meaning 
as the word care as used in the passage ?
Ans:( a ) grief

122.Choose the word which is most OPPOSITE in meaning 
of the word unfold as used in the passage.
Ans:( b ) conceal

123.Which of the following statements is not made in 
the passage about Nature?
(a)Nature is an infinite source of beauty
(b)Everything in nature is splendid and divine
(c)Nature is a great teacher
(d)The Aryans worshipped Nature
(e)The early man was scared of Nature
Ans:( e ) The early man was scared of Nature

124.What is needed to develop balanced personality?
(a)interpersonal skills
(b)reading poetry
(c)healthy attitude
(d)going back to villages
(e)None of these
Ans:( c ) healthy attitude

125.Why do people not enjoy the beauty of Nature ?
(a)They are running after material pleasures
(b)They do not consider nature as balm to 
soothe their fired minds
(c)Their life is full of worries and tensions
(d)They are afraid of nature
(e)None of these
Ans:( c ) Their life is full of worries and 

126.What should we do to enjoy tranquil life ?
(a)Get totally immersed in our daily routine
(b)Believe that nature is infinite source of 
(c)Lead a disciplined and dedicated life
(d)Enjoy the nature around us
(e)Form a habit of daily physical exercise 
Ans:( d ) Enjoy the nature around us

127.What are the town planners doing today?
(a)Providing facilities for enjoying nature
(b)Establishing balance between concrete and 
artificial jungle of cities
(c)Supporting the cry to go back to villages
(d)Making efforts to inculcate healthy 
attitude among people
(e)None of these
Ans:( a ) Providing facilities for enjoying 

128.Choose the word which is most OPPOSITE in meaning 
of the word listless as used in the passage
Ans:( a ) active

129.Choose the word which is most OPPOSITE in meaning 
of the word soothe as used in the passage ?
Ans:( b ) excite

130.According to the author of the passage, Nature
(a)is the ultimate salvation of man
(b)is the creator of this universe
(c)brings uniformity in all seasons
(d)maintains homeostasis in human beings
(e)is abundantly glorious and divine
Ans:( e ) is abundantly glorious and divine

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