(Paper) Canara Bank Latest HR / Technical Interview Questions


Canara Bank Latest Available Placement Question Paper and HR / Technical Interview Questions

Total 25 people on a day were divided into morning and afternoon sessions. Time taken for each candidate was 20- 25 minutes and there were 4 HR panel members .

Q. What do you think about unionism attitude?
Q. Tell the names of all subjects studied in Mca.
Q. 3 favorite subjects; then Qs on each

Topics DBMS, AI, Networks (Think Carefully about these before appearing for the Canara Bank or other Bank Interviews)

Name types of dbms -- Difference between hierarchial and relational structure in dbms?
    Q - what else have you learnt in dbms?
    Q - what is data integrity?
    Q - what have you learnt in AI?
    Q - define artifitial intelligence and neural networks?
    Q - say someting about n/ws?
    Q - how many layers r there in osi model?
    Q - name them?
    Q - which is your favourite layers?
    Ans- Transport layer.

    Q - say something about trans layer?
    Q - what projects have you done?
    Q - write first 10 lines of code of your project & explain them ?
    Q - can you be a team leader inspite of being a fresher?
    Q - can you be a team member?
    Q - what do you want to become - a manager or a leader?
    Q - will you do a job that you dont find interesting but your team leader is excited about? what if its data entry?
    Q - what is your principle "work out of pleasure or pleasure out of work"Why Canara bank?"
Ans -- you are forerunner in IT services. you have implemented Red Hat Linux open office. They are surprised . This is official and internal matter how did u know.
Ans -- On an internet Site.

What do you think is better windows or Linux. Give 3 pts.

Why Should you Prefer Linux OS - Operating System / Software solutions / products over Windows based software or operating system / server systems?

Some Important Points: Linux is open source while windows is not.

Linux is cheaper to deploy and fits with lesser IT Budgets for companies as compared to Windows.

Linux can be better customized due to open source nature.
Q- define:
    1) firewall
    2) ethical hacking?

Q- what is gdpans Gross domestic Product?

Q -define it .

They pay a great deal of attention to accent & body language.
    Q - Have u been to coaching classes? For What?
    Q-- what do u know about Banking?
    Q-- what was Hilters policy?
    Q-- what was his slogan/motto?
    Q-- what is core banking?