(Paper) ESIC: Lower Division Clerk (LDC) Solved Exam Paper (English)

ESIC: Lower Division Clerk (LDC) Solved Exam Paper (English)

Q. (1-7) Select the one word which is most similar to the given word

Q.1. Abysmal
(1) sickening
(2) gloomy
(3) sad
(4) bottomless

Q.2. Salient
(1) valiant
(2) variant
(3) prudent
(4) prominent

Q.3. Decamp
(1) move
(2) encamp
(3) flee
(4) hide

Q.4. Philanthropist
(1) benefactor
(2) beneficiary
(3) matron
(4) sponsor

Q.5. Exotic
(1) alien
(2) strange
(3) rare
(4) grand

Q.6. Incapacitate
(1) cripple
(2) strengthen
(3) imprison
(4) invent

Q.7. Congregation
(1) concentration
(2) meeting
(3) discussion
(4) judgment

Directions (8 -17): In the following questions. choose the words opposite in meaning to the given word.

Q.8. Suppress
(1) stir up
(2) rouse
(3) urge
(4) incite

Q.9. Loosen
(1) fasten
(2) accelerate
(3) delay
(4) paste

Q.10. Rebellion
(1) forgiveness
(2) retribution
(3) submission
(4) domination

Q.11. Idiosyncrasy
(1) insanity
(2) sanity
(3) generality
(4) singularity

Q.12. Sanguine
(1) diffident
(2) hopeless
(3) cynical
(4) 'morose

Q.13. Sobriety
(1) moderation
(2) drunkenness
(3) dizziness
(4) stupidity

Q.14. Extinct
(1) recent
(2) distinct
(3) alive
(4) ancient

Q.15. Fiendish
(1) diabolical
(2) devilish
(3) angelic
(4) friendly

Q.16. Subsequent
(1) eventual
(2) succeeding
(3) prior
(4) comparative

Q.17. Orthodox
(1) revolutionaxy
(2) heretical
(3) anarchist
(4) generous

Directions (18-27) : In the following questions, groups of four words are given. In each group. one word is wrongly spelt. Find the· mis­spelt word.

Q.18. (1) prioratise
(2) picturise
(3) visualise
(4) individualise

Q.19. (1) mendacious
(2) obnoxcious
(3) pernicious
(4) ferocious .

Q.20. (1) pennetrate
(2) irritate
(3) hesitate
(4) perforate

Q.21. (1) passagway
(2) causeway
(3) subway
(4) straightway

Q.22. (1) rapport
(2) support
(3) reppo
(4) purport

Q.23. (1) stationery
(2) 9ictionery
(3) revolutionaxy
(4) voluntary

Q.24. (1) temperature
(2) temperament
(3) tempastuous
(4) temptation

Q.25. (1) whether
(2) weathere
(3) whither
(4) wither

Q.26. (1) legible
(2) communiceble
(3) Incorrigible
(4) eligible

Q.27. (1) audapous
(2) auspicious
(3) caprisious
(4) credulous Directions

(141-150): In the following questions. four alternatives are given for the Idiom/Phrase print­ed in bold in the sentence. Choose the alternative which best expresses the meaning of the Idiom/Phrase,

Q.28. Don't worry about the silly row. lt was just a storm in a tea cup .
(1) important matter' dealt with ease
(2) hot tea being served
(3) commotion over a trivial mat­ter

Q.29. The Rajput warriors set their face against the invader.
(1) became enemies
(2) turned away from
(3) faced difficulty
(4) opposed strongly

Q.30. Syria is now currying favor with America.
(1) pleasing
(2) favoring
(3) obliging
(4) ingratiating itself with'

Q.31. Our Principal is not a man to mince matters.
(1) to confuse issues
(2) to say something mildly
(3) to mix everything together
(4) to be very modest

Q.32. We tend to take for granted the conveniences of modern life.
(1) to consider
(2) to admit
(3) to accept readily
(4) to care for

Q.33. The prodigal son was left high and dry by his friends, when he lost all his money.
(1) wounded
(2) alone
(3) depressed
(4) neglected

Q.34. The success of his first novel com­pletely turned his head.
(1) made him vain
(2) made him look back
(3) changed him completely
(4) made him think

Q.35. She turns up her nose at this kind of dress.
(1) despises
(2) loves
(3) sees no harm in
(4) can just tolerate

Q.36. At last the rioters fell back.
(1) fell on the ground
(2) yielded
(3) ran back
(4) turned back

Q.37. The Madagascar Coup attempt ended in a fiasco.
(1) had no effect
(2) was an utter failure
(3) resulted in blood-shed
(4) was a disaster

Q.38-41. Read the following paragraph and answer the questions based on it.

Many organizations are concerned at the sustained increase in food prices, as indicated by recent data releases. Inflation in food articles has remained in double digits for six months in a row and has risen to 20% in the first week of December 2009. It is also apparent that the main driver of inflation is the increase in food prices, as WPI inflation outside the food and food products universe continues to be subdued and in some cases negative. This unprecedented increase in food prices has been caused primarily by supply side factors primarily due to decline in the kharif output. The price increase has been particularly severe in the case of products such as cereals (rice), pulses, vegetables (potatoes) and sugar. “The rise in the price of essential commodities will put pressure on the disposable income of the common people and may restrict the monetary and fiscal space for maneuverability”, said Mr. Chandrajit Banerjee, Director General, CII. CII suggests the some measures to respond to food price inflation. In the Short term, CII strongly feels that the government needs to urgently respond by offloading its stock of grains, which are currently far in excess of the buffer norms. State governments, in particular, need to put in place mechanisms for the widespread distribution of wheat and rice in order to check the shortages.

Q.38. Why state government needs to put its widespread distribution of wheat and rice in place?
1. As the are the main suppliers of main commodities.
2. Lack of communication between state and centre governmenent has led to unprecedented rise in food items.
3. Both 1 and 2 are applicable
4. None of these

Q.39. what has trigerred food items price to never before level?
1. Lack of good rain for two consecutives years
2. Illegal stock piling for food grains
3. Farmers inclination towards other high yield crops
4. None of these

Q.40. What is the true indication of rising food items cost?
a. WPI
b. YoY data
c. Media
d. Cant be determined from the passage

Q.41. The price increase has been particularly severe in the case of products except
1. cereals
2. vegetables
3. sugar
4. dirt products


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