(Paper) IES General Ability Previous Year Paper (2008)


Paper : IES General Ability Previous Year Paper (2008)

Part 2 of GA ( General Ability ) Objective of IES 2008

61. The deficiency of which one of the following leads to anemia?
a. Ascorbic acid
b. Citirc acid
c. Folic acid
d. Nicotinic acid

62. The highly fatal disease of Rabies is caused by which one of the following?
a. Virus
b. Bacteria
c. Protozoan
d. Nematode worm

63. How in jasmine plant propagated?
a. Grafting
b. Layering
c. Root cutting
d. Stem cutting

64. Which chamber of the heart has the thickest
muscular walls?
a. Right atrium
b. Left atrium
c. Right ventricle
d. Left ventricle

65. Among the following fruits, which one is not a true fruit?
a. Apple
b. Date
c. Coconut
d. Tomato

66. In human body, while one of the following glands is located in the neck?
a. Adrenal
b. Hypothalamus
c. Pituitary
d. Thyroid

67. In human body, which one among the following secretes digestive enzyme?
a. Large institute
b. Liver
c. Pancreas
d. Spleen

68. Which one among the following is a warm blooded animal?
a. Anaconda
b. Crocodile
c. Shark
d. Whale

69. Which one among the following is an ape naturally found in India?
a. Chimpanzee
b. Hoolak Gibbon
c. Gorilla
d. Orangutan

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70. Which one among the following plants produces seeds without producing flower?
a. Cashew nut
b. Date Palm
c. Pinus
d. Toddy

71. The stem of which one of the following plants is usually underground?
a. Banana
b. Sweet potato
c. Topioca
d. Water melon

72. In the context of Wholesale Prize Index (WPI) in India, under the Primary Articles’ group, what is the approximate weight of ‘Food Article’ in WPI?
a. 12
b. 15
c. 18. 21

73. Which one of the following is responsible for bringing out the report on National and Per Capita Income in India?
a. Ministry of Planning
b. Ministry of Human ResourceDevelopment
c. Ministry of Home Affairs
d. Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation

74. In terms of both quantity and value, which one of the following countries is the largest cutting and polishing centre of diamonds in the world?
a. Belgium
b. France
c. India
d. South Africa

75. Regarding the procurement of wheat for central pool, which one of the following States has the highest share of contribution?
a. Haryana
b. Madhya Pradesh
c. Punjab
d. Uttar Pradesh

76. So far how many times has the countrywide “Economic Census” been done in India?
a. Thrice
b. Five times
c. Seven times
d. Nine times

77. Which among the following was the capital of Shivaji?
a. Singhagarh
b. Raigarh
c. Panhala
d. Poona

78. Who among the following arrived in the court of Jehangir as an official ambassador of King
of England?
a. William Hawkins
b. Sir Thomas Roe
c. Sir Edward Terry
d. Bernier

79. Which Mughal Emperor granted the Dewani of Bengal to the British East India Company in the year 1765?
a. Jehangir
b. Shahjahan
c. Aurangzeb
d. Shah Alam-II

80. Who of the following was the representative of Indian National Congress in the Second Round Table Conference, held in London?
a. Madan Mohan Malviya
b. C. Rajagopalachari
c. Mahatma Gandhi
d. Vallabhbhai Patel

81. Where did Lala Hardayal and Sohan Singh Bhakna form the Gadar Party in 1913?
a. Paris
b. San Francisco
c. Tokyo
d. London

82. Prior to Independence, the elections to the Constituent Assembly were held under which one of the following?
a. Mountbatten Plan
b. Cabinet Mission
c. Cripps Proposals
d. Wavell Plan

83. Who among the following introduced cashew nut, pineapple and tobacco into India?
a. Dutch
b. English
c. French
d. Portuguese

84. When All India Trade Union Congress was founded in 1920, who of the following was elected its president?
a. C.R. Das
b. Lala Pajpat Rai
c. N.M. Joshi
d. V.V. Giri

85. Which one of the following was the occasion on which Jawaharlal Nehru stepped forward, as an important national leader?
a. Agitation against Rowlatt Act
b. Launch of Non-Cooperation Movement
c. Formation of Swaraj Party
d. Agitation against the arrival of Simon Commission

At the time of Tripuri Congress Session in 1939 in which Subhash Bose has defeated Sitaramayya, who among the following had withdrawn his candidature from
a. Abdul Kalam Azad
b. Jawaharlal Nehru
c. Jayaprakash Narayan
d. Vallabhbhai Patel

87. Which one of the following was not a programme of the Non-Cooperation cell given in 1920?
a. Boycott of titles
b. Boycott of Civil Services
c. Boycott of English education
d. Boycott of police and army

88. In which year was Mahatma Gandhi’s famous work Hind Swaraj written?
a. 1907
b. 1909
c. 1914
d. 1934

89. Consider the following statements with reference to Union Government:
1. The tenure of Chairman/Members of Staff Selection Commission is for five years or still they attain the age of 62 years, whichever is earlier.
2. The tenure of Chairman/Member of Union Public Service Commission is for six years or till they attain the age of 65 years, whichever is earlier. Which of the statements given above is/are correct?
a. 1 only
b. 2 only
c. Both 1 and 2
d. Neither 1 nor 2

90. According to the provisions of the Constitution of India, who inquires into all doubts and decides disputes arising out of or in connection with the election of Vice-President of India?
a. The President of India
b. The Supreme Court of India
c. The Election Commission of India
d. The Attorney General of India

91. Who among the following tribes live in the Union Territory of Andaman and Nicobar Islands?
a. Apatani
b. Jarawa
c. Munda
d. Santhal

93. In India, when both, the offices of the President and the Vice-President happen to be vacant simultaneously, who will discharge the duties of the President?
a. The Prime Minister
b. The Union Home Minister
c. The Speaker of Lok Sabha
d. The Chief Justice of India

94. For the review of which of the following was a Commission under the chairmanship of Justice M.N. Venkatachaliah constituted by Union Government?
* a. Industrial sickness
b. River water disputes
c. The Constitution of India
d. Centre-State relations

95. In which one of the following countries did the Industrial Revolution first take place?
a. USA
b. UK
c. Germany
d. France

96. Who of the following is the author of the famous book ‘Das Kapital’?
a. Adam Smith
b. Karl Marx
c. Rousseau
d. Voltaire

97. Which one of the following is the correct statement? In the Parliament of India, a money bill can be introduced only with the recommendation of
a. the President of India
b. the Prime Minister of India
c. the Speaker of Lok Sabha
d. the Union Finance Minister

98. Which one of the following is a place of famous Hindu pilgrimage as well as a site of important hydroelectric power project?
a. Devaprayag
b. Guntur
c. Nasik-Triambakeshwar
d. Omkareshwar

99. State which one of the following groups of oceanic water currents meet near ‘Newfoundland Island’ of Canada?
a. Gulf Stream and Labrador
b. Kuroshio and Kurile
c. Agulhas and Mozambique
d. Brazilian and Falkland

100. How many Indian States border Myanmar?
a. Three
b. Four
c. Five
d. Six

102. Where is the Port of East London located?
a. England
b. Ireland
c. East coast of USA
d. South Africa

103. Which one of the following pairs is not correctly matched?
a. Northern Rhodesia : Namibia
b. Gold Coast : Ghana
c. Dutch Guyana : Suriname
d. Dutch East Indies : Indonesia

104. Khmer Rouge atrocities pertained to which one among the following?
a. South Africa
b. Iraq
c. Libya
d. Cambodia

105. Recently, the President of India conferred the India Gandhi Prize for Peace, Disarmament and Development for 2006 on whom among the following?
a. Kim Dae Jung
b. Mohamed El Baradei
c. Shirin Ebadi
d. Wangari Muta Maathai

106. In the year 2007, which one of the following pairs of countries launched spacecrafts to carry out research on the Moon?
a. Australia and Canada
b. China and Japan
c. France and Germany
d. Russia and South Korea

107. In December, 2007, which one of the following countries launched in interceptor missile called AAD-02 to intercept a ballistic missile?
a. Iran
b. North Korea
c. India
d. Pakistan

108. Recently, who of the following writers in English, has been awarded the Sahitya Akademi Fellowship?
a. Amitav Ghosh
b. Anita Desai
c. Jhumpa Lahiri
d. Shashi Tharoor

109. In the context of Indian Defence, what is Admiral Gorshkov, frequently in the news?
a. Stealth worship
b. Nuclear powered submarine
c. Aircraft carrier
d. Marine oil drilling platform

110. Hugo Chavez, who is frequently in the news, is a President of which one of the following countries?
a. Argentina
b. Brazil
c. Cuba
d. Venezuela

111. What is the Defence outlay (approximate) in India for the year 2008-09?
a. Rs. 65,000 crores
b. Rs. 85,000 crores
c. Rs. 95,000 crores
d. Rs. 1,05,000 crores

112. What is a major use of allethrin?
a. In household insecticides
b. In glass manufacture
c. In steel manufacture
d. In paints and varnishes

113. Which one of the following is not correctly match (approximately)?
a. 4 Imperial gallons = 18.18 litres
b. 4 pounds = 1.81 kilograms
c. 30 pounds per sq. in. = 2.07 kg per sq. cm.
d. 5 hectares = 18.35 acres

114. Big Mac Index is employed in the determination of which one of the following?
a. Infrastructure development
b. Purchasing power parity
c. Defence budget per capita
d. Crop yield

115. What does the term ‘Pyrrhic Victory’ imply?
a. A victory in a war wherein Air Force has played a major role
b. A victory achieved at a great cost to the winner
c. A victory of a political party wherein members of the opposition party have betrayed their own members
d. A victory achieved in games as a result of match-fixing

116. The well-known sportsman Liu Xiang has excelled in which event?
a. Table Tennis
b. Weightlifting
c. Hurdles race
d. Swimming

117. Which one of the following subjects is mainly dealt with by Montreal Protocol?
a. Undersea cable network
b. International cooperation against terrorism
c. Depletion of Ozone layer
d. Exploration of outer space

118. From which year does the 11th Five Year Plan start?
a. 2005
b. 2006
c. 2007
d. 2008

119. In the context of India’s defence, what is C- 130 J Hercules?
a. A supersonic fighter jet
b. A troop transport aircraft
c. An unmanned patrol aircraft
d. A multi-purpose amphibious vehicle

120. Who among the following is a blanker?
a. Samir Jain
b. Raghav Bahl
c. K.V. Kamath
d. G.M. Rao

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