(Paper) Indian Economy 2008-09 General Knowledge

Paper : Indian Economy 2008-09 General Knowledge

(General Awareness)

1. The outlay of Railways annual plan 2008–09 (as Rail Budget 2008–09) has been hiked by 21% which stands at—
a. Rs. 35,000 crore
b. Rs. 37,500 crore
c. Rs. 40,000 crore
d. Rs. 42,000 crore
Ans : b

2. Allocation for waiving farmer’s loan in budget 2008–09 stands at—
a. Rs. 40,000 crore
b. Rs. 45,000 crore
c. Rs. 50,000 crore
d. Rs. 60,000 crore
Ans : d

3. As budget proposals for 2008–09 the percentage share of direct taxes, in gross tax revenue is—
a. 48·80%
b. 52·06%
c. 53·07%
d. 55·01%
Ans : c

4. Chelliah Committee recommended to tax the agriculture income of non-farmers having income above—
a. Rs. 15000
b. Rs. 20000
c. Rs. 25000
d. Rs. 50000
Ans : c

5. Twelfth Finance Commission under Chairmanship of Dr. C. Rangrajan has submitted its final report on—
a. September 30, 2004
b. October 30, 2004
c. November 30, 2004
d. December 7, 2004
Ans : c

6. ‘Open market operation’ is a part of—
a. Income Policy
b. Fiscal Policy
c. Credit Policy
d. Labour Policy
Ans : c

7. The city having highest population in the world is—
a. New York
b. Tokyo
c. Mexico
d. Paris
Ans : b

8. Targeted power capacity addition for 11th plan period is—
a. 41110 MW
b. 66463 MW
c. 68963 MW
d. 86283 MW
Ans : b

9. The Ex-officio Secretary of NDC is—
a. Secretary of Finance Ministry
b. General Secretary of Lok Sabha
c. Secretary of Planning Commission
d. Vice Chairman of Planning Commission
Ans : c

10. 15th SAARC Summit is scheduled to be held in July–August 2008. The changed venue of the summit is—
a. New Delhi
b. Sri Lanka
c. Maldives
d. Bangladesh
Ans : b

11. The Finance Commission is appointed for every... year
a. 3
b. 4
c. 5
d. 6
Ans : c

12. 11th National Conference on e-governance was held on 7–8 February, 2008 at—
a. Gurgaon (Haryana)
b. Chandigarh
c. Mohali (Punjab)
d. Panchkula (Haryana)
Ans : d

13. Which percentage of Central Taxes have been recommended by the 12th Finance Commission to be transferred to States ?
a. 28·5%
b. 29·5%
c. 30·5%
d. 31·5%
Ans: c

14. Which state possesses the maximum percentage of SC population ?
a. U.P.
b. M.P.
c. Kerala
d. Punjab
Ans : d

15. Government has decided to cover all districts of the country in National Rural Employment Guarantee Programme (NREGP)—
a. Upto January 1, 2008
b. Upto March 31, 2008
c. w.e.f April 1, 2008
d. w.e.f. April 1, 2009
Ans : b

16. What is ‘NIKKEI’ ?
a. Share Price Index of Tokyo Share Market
b. Name of Japanese Central Bank
c. Japanese name of Country’s Planning Commission
d. Foreign Exchange Market of Japan
Ans : a

17. NABARD was established on the recommendation of—
a. Public Account Committee
b. Shivaraman Committee
c. Narsimham Committee
d. None of these
Ans : b

18. Sampurna Gramin Rojgar Yojana has been launched from—
a. 1st April, 2001
b. 25th Sept., 2001
c. 30th Sept., 2001
d. No scheme of such title has yet launched
Ans : b

19. Which company is providing mobile service with name ‘Cell one’ to the consumers ?
c. Reliance Infocom
d. Bharti Tele
Ans : b

20. VAT is imposed—
a. Directly on consumer
b. On final stage of production
c. On first stage of production
d. On all stages between production and final sale
Ans : d