(PSYCHOLOGY) Psyhco Quiz Links & Preparation material

(PSYCHOLOGY) Psyhco Quiz Links & Preparation material

Hi guys,
ive added a few links with those having psycho in pre.

Check them out.Altho the course if slightly diff, most of the syllabus here is commo to us and will give u an idea about how to solve the questions as each is accompanied with feedback in the form of an answer.


this is for social psycho.

Ull also find good material for social psych here.just browse their chapters.

this one is for general psychology.

ill add more links soon.Also,see if u can download the gre psy paper at 


 this will help u practice too.

Courtesy: Arjun's IAS PREP


hi everyone,
I need full notes for psychology and history.if any one has them plz send me a mail on my ID and i will contact them.

i want to buy books for anthro .. not available at most places ... please guide me ... where can i get them in mumbai. i m also looking for previous years question sets for psycho and anthro.