(Tips) SSB Preparation : An Overview (Story Writing Tips)

SSB Preparation : An Overview

Story Writing Tips

Thematic writing is given to judge your imagination and positive thoughts.

When you start writing the story remeber the following:
The story should have a Past
the present (i.e what is happening in the scene)
The Future.
In the story the hero/heroien may be seen/or imagined
the hero should bring out his good quality. ie that any one of the 15 OLQ already told to you in
this SSB Handbbok
The story should be about 12 to 15 sentences
3 for Past
6 for Present
3 for future

In the picture no 1.
Mr. Ram was an hard working and intelligent young man.
His aim was to become a collector, he started his preparation from his final year at the college.
In the picture we see him preparing for the forth coming prelim.
Being a maticulas and a student of forsight, he had collected thematerials for the test. His
hard workl and didication had paid him. He passed the exam with flying colours
He continued his hard work in the academy too, and he passed out as the best IAS officer in
his course.

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