(Paper) SSC Combined Graduate Level Main Exam Previous Solved Paper (General Awareness)

Paper : SSC Combined Graduate Level Main Exam Previous Solved Paper (General Awareness)

Q. 1. The salient features of the Right to information Act. 2005 and the impact on governance and society
(about 300 words)


The convergence of information, Communication and Entertainment (ICE) (about 300 words)


Q.2 Water resource and its management (about 300 words)


Indo-US co-operation in the field of nuclear energy. (about 300 words)


Q.3. Human Rights (about 200 words)


Anti-oxidants. (about 200 words)


Q.4. Write short notes on any five from the following: (about 75 words)

(a) PAN (Permanent Account Number)

(b) Tsunami

(c) Bio-diversity

(d) e-banking

(e) Ship- breaking in India

(f) Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission


Q.5. Write short notes on the following: (about 50 words each)

(a) What space satellites do

(b) Greenwich Mean Time

(c) How photocopier works

(d) Why do leaves change colour in autumn

(e) How cholesterol affects the body


Q.6.(a) By which pope was the Sistine Chapel built ?

(b) Where has Pakistan set an Urdu University ?

(c) Who are the G-4 members pursuing co-ordinate action for permanent membership of the UN Security Council ?

(d) “The world year of physics,2005” is a commemorative volume on the 100th anniversary of a historical publication. What was it ?

(e) Who is the scientist linked to the ‘Uncertainty Principle’?

(f) What is ISRO’s geostationary satellite for educational purpose called ?

(g) Which is the year in which India’s neighbors Burma and Sri Lanka became independent ?

(h) What does AK in the names K-47 and AK-56 of the rifles stand for ?

(i) Who is known for his Glasnost address to the UN General Assembly ?

(j) Who is the Irish Inventor who is considered as the father of the modern submarine?

Ans. (a) Giovanni-de-dolce

(b) Lahore

(c) Brazil, Japan, Germany and India

(d) It was the 100 years of Einstein’s miraculous work

(e) Heisenberg


(g) Burma – on January, 1948 ; Sri Lanka in the year 1948

(h) Anton Kalashnikov

(i) Mikhail Gorbachev

(j) D. Bushnell in 1776


Q.7. (A) Fill up the blanks in the following sentences -----

(i) A coin …….. was introduced in India on 1 April, 1957.

(ii) The Sikh Guru …….. was born at Patna in 1666.

(iii) …….. is the international cultural township founded by ‘Mother’, a disciple of Sri Aurobindo in 1968.

(iv)The planned city to the south of the Shivalik hills is known as ……….

(v) ………… is the world’s biggest maker of power of transformers.

Ans (a) (i) One Rupee , 50, 25, 10, 5,2 and naya paisa

(ii) Guru Govind Singh

(iii) Auroville

(iv) Chandigarh

(v) BHEL (Bharat Heavy Electrical Ltd.)


Q.7. (B) Fill up the blanks in the following sentences ----

(i) The hymn ‘Vande Mataram’ was the Hallmark of Bankim Chandra Chatterjee’s novel ………

(ii) The ………. Act, 1878, provided for the confiscation of printing press, paper and other assets of a newspaper , if the Govt. believed that it was publishing seditious material and had flouted an official warning.

(iii) The Congress took up the Swadeshi Call at its ………. Session in 1905, presided over by the G.K.Gokhale.

(iv) ………….. is a classical dance of Manipur.

(v) ……………. Acts as the guardian of the constitution.

Ans (b) (i) Anand Math

(ii) Vernacular Press Act

(iii) Banaras

(iv) Manipuri

(v) Supreme Court