(Paper) SSC Section Officer (Audit) Question Paper, Paper I : Nov 2008

Paper : SSC Section Officer (Audit) Question Paper, Paper I : Nov 2008

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Directions: In Question Nos. 1 to 10, some of the sentences have errors and some have none. Find out which part of a sentence has an error and choose the option corresponding to the appropriate letter (A, B, C). If there is no error mark (D) as your answer.

1. A moment delay/would have proved costly/ in the situation./No error.

2. Ram disappointed his mother/ as he did not/ write to her very often./No error.

3. After you will return/ from Chennai/ I will come and see you./ No error.

4. Scenes from the film / had to be censured/ before it was released./ No error.

5. When my sister was ill/ I went to the hospital/ on alternative days./ No error.

6 The beautiful/ surrounding of the place/ enchanted me./ No error.

7. No Porter being available/ he carried/ all his luggages himself./ No error.

8 He will not be able/ to cope up with/ the pressure of work./ No error.

9. Lasers are/ indispensable tools/ for the delicate eyes surgery./ No error.

10. I take great pleasure/ to welcome you/ to this institution./ No error.


Directions: In Question Nos. 11 to 15, out of the four alternatives, choose the one which expresses the right meaning of the given.

11. Indignation

(A) hatred

(B) anger

(C) disapproval

(D) contempt


12. Acronym

(A) A word with two or more meanings

(B) A word of new coinage

(C) A word formed by the initial letters of words

(D) A word of picturesque effect


13. Meticulous

(A) interfere

(B) courage

(C) agreement

(D) careful


14. Rescind

(A) change

(B) revoke

(C) repeat

(D) reconsider


15. Antipathy

(A) dishonesty

(B) disturbance

(C) demonstration (D) dislike


Directions: In Question Nos. 16 to 20, choose the word opposite in meaning to the given word.


(A) Illegible

(B) Hidden

(C) Mysterious

(D) Remote



(A) Native

(B) Domiciled

(C) Natural

(D) Resident



(A) upright

(B) costly

(C) eminent

(D) worthy



(A) meek

(B) cowardly

(C) mild

(D) gentle



(A) simple

(B) timid

(C) civilized

(D) modest


Directions: In Question Nos. 21 to 30, sentences are given with blanks to be filled in with an appropriate and suitable word.

21. The food that an average Indian eats has been found to be deficient _____ vitamins and proteins.

(A) of

(B) from

(C) with

(D) in


22. The patient is _____ of stomachache.

(A) suffering

(B) experiencing

(C) complaining

(D) afflicting


23. A good teacher should _____ responses from the students.

(A) elicit

(B) provoke

(C) command

(D) infer


24. Had he taken his degree five years ago he _____ got a promotion by now.

(A) might

(B) would have

(C) will be

(D) was


25. There will be a rush for seats when the train

(A) will arrive

(B) arrived

(C) is arriving

(D) arrives


26. He drove the car very fast _____

(A) Did he?

(B) Does he?

(C) Didn’t he?

(D) Was he?


27. He _____ wants to succeed in life must be prepared to work hard.

(A) whoever

(B) whom

(C) who

(D) whose


28. It is time you _____ home.

(A) go

(B) went

(C) come

(D) reach


29. _____ a walk in the morning will improve your health.

(A) Going to

(B) Go to

(C) Go for

(D) Going for


30. Government must _____ the rise in prices.

(A) cheque

(B) check

(C) cease

(D) seize


Directions: In Question Nos. 31 to 40, four alternatives are given for the underlined or given idiom/phrase. Choose the alternative which best expresses the meaning of the underlined or given idiom/phrase.


31. The bus had a close shave as its driver swerved to the right a split second before the on-coming truck could run into it.

(A) serious accident

(B) close collision

(C) narrow escape

(D) deep dent


32. Fits and starts

(A) slowly

(B) not regularly

(C) continuously

(D) quickly


33. When the Inspector entered the class some of the students shook in their shoes.

(A) stamped the ground with their shoes

(B) showed signs of anger

(C) trembled with fear

(D) stood up to salute


34. In high spirits

(A) full of hope and enthusiasm

(B) under tremendous stress

(C) under the influence of liquor

(D) mentally deranged


35. He amassed his wealth through sharp practices.

(A) dishonest means

(B) illegal means

(C) intelligent decisions

(D) quick decisions


36. He is not in the good books of his boss.

(A) a lover of good books

(B) in favour with

(C) not of the same opinion as

(D) as good as


37. The officer is fed up with the complaints made against the clerk.

(A) annoyed

(B) disgusted

(C) pleased

(D) satisfied


38. A white elephant,

(A) a rare species of elephants

(B) an expensive gift

(C) a costly but useless possession

(D) a worthless thing


39. Ins and outs

(A) entry and exit points

(B) full details

(C) tactical moves

(D) complexity of character


40. All his ventures went to the winds.

(A) dissipated

(B) spread all over

(C) got speed of the winds

(D) became well-known


Directions: In Question Nos. 41 to 50, out of the four alternatives, choose the one which can be substituted for the given words/sentence.


41. Government by a ruler who has unlimited power.

(A) Despotism

(B) Autocracy

(C) Monarchy

(D) Anarchy


42. An occasion of great importance

(A) exemplary

(B) momentous

(C) herculean

(D) grandiose


43. A person who is always hopeful and look: upon the brighter side of things

(A) florist

(B) artist

(C) theist

(D) optimist


44. Place of burial

(A) cave

(B) church

(C) synagogue

(D) cemetry


45. To have a very high opinion of oneself

(A) exaggeration

(B) adulation

(C) abundance

(D) conceited


46. One who believes in giving equal opportunity to women in all fields

(A) Fanatic

(B) Misogynist

(C) Philanderer

(D) Feminist


47. Inability to sleep

(A) hysteria

(B) insomnia

(C) aphasia

(D) amnesia


48. One who is given to pleasures of the flesh.

(A) terrestrian

(B) epicurean

(C) celestial

(D) pedestrian


49. A tank where fish or water plants are kept

(A) Aquarium

(B) Sanatorium

(C) Nursery

(D) Aviary


50. A person who never takes alcoholic drinks

(A) teetotaller

(B) alcoholic

(C) addict

(D) bagpiper


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