(Study Material) Scientific Studies Of Various Fields

Scientific Studies Of Various Fields:-

A to D:-

Acarology-- study of mites
Accidence-- grammar book; science of inflections in grammar
Aceology-- therapeutics
Acology -- study of medical remedies
Acoustics -- science of sound
Adenology -- study of glands
Aedoeology -- science of generative organs
Aerobiology -- study of airborne organisms
Aerodonetics-- science or study of gliding
Aerodynamics -- dynamics of gases; science of movement in a flow of air or gas
Bacteriology -- study of bacteria
Balneology -- the science of the therapeutic use of baths
Barodynamics-- science of the support and mechanics of bridges
Barology-- study of gravitation
Batology-- the study of brambles
Bibliology-- study of books
Bibliotics-- study of documents to determine authenticity
Bioecology-- study of interaction of life in the environment
Biology -- study of life
Biometrics-- study of biological measurement
Bionomics-- study of organisms interacting in their environments
Botany-- study of plants
Bromatology -- study of food   Read more..

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