(Study Material) Sources of the Indian Constitution

Study Material : Sources of the Indian Constitution

1) Government of India Act 1935 - The federal scheme, Office of the Governor, Role of federal judiciary, Emergency provisions

2) UK Constitution - Law making procedures, Parliamentary Government, Rule of Law, Single citizenship, Cabinet system

3) US Constitution - Fundamental Rights, Independent judiciary, Judicial review, Procedure for the removal of the judges of the Supreme court and High courts, Role of Vice President

4) Canadian Constitution - Federal system, Federation with strong centre, Residuary powers in the centre

5) Irish Constitution - Directive Principles of State Policy, The method of the presidential election, Nominating members of Rajya Sabha

6) Weimar Constitution of Germany - Emergency powers to be enjoyed by the Union, Suspension of Fundamental Rights during emergency 

7) Australian Constitution - Principle of co-operative federalism, Freedom of inter-state trade, commerce and intercourse, Idea of concurrent list

8) Constitution of South Africa
- Procedure for amendment of the Constitution, Election of members of the Rajya Sabha