(Success Story) From madrasa to IAS | Waseem-ur-Rehman in his own words

Success Story : From madrasa to IAS | Waseem-ur-Rehman in his own words

Dr. Waseem-ur-Rehman is the first Madrasa product who has achieved the historic success in UPSC exams. His accounts are really inspiring for anyone who is willing to opt for this coveted career. Ummid.com brings the complete audio of his speech delivered at Dr. Manzoor Hasan Ayyubi hall in Malegaon.

Dr. Waseem-ur-Rehman received his early education at a Madrasa and later completed BUMS from Aligarh Muslim University after graduating from Darool Uloom Deoband. This is the first instance in the country when a Madrasa student has achieved such a success. More interestingly, he gave all his exams in his mother tongue Urdu.

"I was not aware if by doing BUMS, I am eligible for appearing in the UPSC exams", recalled Dr. Waseem, adding, "But when I started enquiring, I was surprised to know that not only my BUMS degree is enough for me to appear for the UPSC exams, but I would be able to solve all my papers in my own desired language."

Urdu being his mother tongue, Dr. Waseem opted for the language and succeeded in cracking the coveted exam. But the importance of English language stands to its place. "There is one paper on communication in English and we have to work for our expertise in English language."

Moreover much to the inspiration of the Urdu language students, Dr. Waseem opted Persian as the main subject. "This helped me in narrowing down the competition", Dr. Waseem observed.

"However", Dr Waseem, who had completed MD in Unani Medicines simultaneously, advised, "There is no competition to the hard work. It the hard work and commitment that would give you the result."

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