(Success Story) Kalyan girl bags third rank from State in UPSC

Success Story : Kalyan girl bags third rank from State in UPSC

It's good news for the suburbs. Poonam Guha, from Kalyan has been ranked third from the female category from the State of Maharashtra. Incidentally she is also the first ranker from the suburbs in the recently announced results of the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) exams for this year.

A resident of Santoshi Mata road, Kalyan, Guha says that she always aspired to become an IAS officer. "I always dreamt of joining the IAS since my childhood as I wanted to serve my countrymen. I worked very hard to achieve my goal for the last several years," says Guha who is greatly inspired by her father Tapas Kumar.

An alumnus of the Holy Cross Convent School, Kalyan and the VG Vaze College, Mulund, Guha attributes her success partly to her teachers for their guidance during her formative years. Speaking of the support given by her parents, she is prompt to mention the sacrifices and support shown by her mother Kanika.

"My mom has been a constant pillar of support to me and she has even sacrificed a lot socially to help me be successful in my endeavours," she says.

Speaking of her future plans she informs that she aims to bring about changes in the current education system. "Today, the education system has become marks-oriented and is nothing more than a rat-race. I feel the essence of education has lost in the bargain and I want to make it more helpful for the students," she says.

Corruption is also something that she wants to address. "I prefer to call it degradation of morals and not just limiting it to bribes or any other vices. I feel that proper education will be the solution to all such problems that are plaguing the system today," she says.

Ask her about the challenges that she will be facing in this male-dominated sector and she says, "I know I will have to face many challenges, but I don't believe much in this gender bias. However, I understand the importance of the position I will be servicing and will try my level best to serve the nation."

Prod her over the current trend of IAS officers switching over to private sector in search of greener pastures and she is quick to reply. "I have invested the prime years of my life for this course and in no way will I ever switch over to the private sector.
I strongly believe that 'Gradualism is the key to social change' and I'm confident that I will be able to tackle the challenges properly," she sums up.

Currently Guha is preparing for the training session and also plans to learn Rabindra Sangeet in between. We wish her luck. 

Courtesy : mumbaipluses.com