Suggested Books List for UPSC MAINS - Physics (Paper-1)

Suggested Books List for UPSC MAINS - Physics (Paper-1)

1. Mechanics: Reference Books:

1(a) Mechanics of Particles:

  • Laws of motion, Conservation of energy & momentum: - prepare from D.S.Mathur, B.S.A
  • Applications to rotating frames, Centripetal & Coriolis acceleration:- do the derivation from Klepner and Kolenkov, solve different problems of Coriolis force from Brilliant tutorials, Takwale & Puranik, B.S.Agrawal
  • Gravitational Field & Potential due to spherical bodies, Gravitational Self Energy: - Prepare all examples from D.S.Mathur, B.S.Agrawal, H.C.Verma, J.C.Upadhyay.
  • Two body problem, Reduced Mass: Prepare it from D.S.Mathur, B.S.Agrawal
  • Rutherford Scattering, Centre of mass and Laboratory reference frames: Prepare the Rutherford Scattering part from Modern Physics by Arthur Beiser, Goldstein, Gupta Kumar Sharma…where as the Centre of mass and Laboratory frames are best given in Goldstein …please solve some of the examples given in Gupta Kumar Sharma with regard to the Centre of mass and Laboratory frames correlating with Rutherford Scattering.

1(b) Mechanics of Rigid Bodies:

  • System of particles; Centre of mass, angular momentum, equation of motion, conservation theorems for energy; momentum & angular momentum: Prepare it from D.S.Mathur, B.S.Agrawal, Gupta Kumar & Sharma, J.C.Upadhyay
  • Rigid body, Degree of freedom, Euler’s theorem: prepare it from Gupta Kumar Sharma, Goldstein, Schaum Series…The proof of Euler’s theorem can be done from Takwale & Puranik.
  • Angular Velocity, angular momentum, moments of inertia, Theorems of parallel and perpendicular axes, equations of motion for rotation: Prepare it from Gupta, Kumar & Sharma, Klepner & Kolenkov, D.S.Mathur, H.C.Verma, B.S.Agrawal, Schaum Series.
  • Di & tri-atomic molecules, molecular rotation : from D.S.Mathur, Banwell for tri-atomic molecules
  • Processional motion, top, Gyroscope: prepare from Klepner & Kolenkov, Gupta Kumar & Sharma, Schaum Series, Takwale & Pauranik ( solve old questions on this topic)

1(c) Mechanics of Continuous media: prepare it from D.S.Mathur, J.C.Upadhyay, H.C.Verma

1(d) Special Relativity: Every year almost 40-60 marks questions are asked from this topic so this topic should be covered in an extensive manner, now focus more on the momentum 4-vector, Minkosky diagram

Reference books are: Relativity by Garg & Goyal, Relativity by Robert Resnick, Relativity by Satya Prakash, Chapter 12th of Electricity & Magnetism by D.J.Griffiths, one chapter in the book of Mechanics by Klepner & Kolenkov, also there are some very good examples available in I.E.Irodov (this book is famous for IIT-JEE exam)

In CSE 2008 mains exam of physics, a numerical was asked from the Relativity by Robert Resnick. This was a solved example from that book…so please do all the solved examples from this book….

There were some good questions asked in Indian Forest Service exam so do solve them, esp a question of Lorentz transformation in both the directions, and a good question was asked in IFS2009 exam….

2. Waves and Optics:

Main books are

  • Waves by B.S.Agrawal
  • Waves by N.K.Bajaj,
  • Waves by H.J.Pine
  • Optics by Ajoy Ghatak
  • Optics by Brijlal and Subramaniyam
  • Fundamentals of Optics: Jenkins & White

2(a) Waves: There are some good examples given in H.J.Pine, do solve them…also there were some good questions asked in the Indian Forest Service Exam, solve them….

2(b) Geometrical Optics:

  • Laws of Reflection & refraction from Fermat’s principle: solve all the solved and unsolved questions from Ghatak, Brijlal & Subramaniyam, B.S.Agrawal…
  • Prepare Thin Lens Formula from Fermat’s Principle (given in Brijlal & Subramaniyam)
  • Matrix method in Paraxial optics:- Thin lens formula, nodal planes, system of thin lenses: - do it from B.S.Agrawal, Brijlal & Subramaniyam.
  • Chromatic and Spherical Aberration: - prepare it from B.S.Agrawal, Ajoy Ghatak, Brijlal and Subramaniyam….Solve IAS2007 compulsory question on aberration, this question was an unsolved example from Ajoy Ghatak….
  • Prepare the topic of “Circle of Least Chromatic Aberration” from Brijlal and Subramaniyam.
  • Solve old question of Indian Forest Service on Lens for D1D2= 4D2

2(c) Interference:-

  • Interference of Light, Young’s experiment, Newton’s rings, Interference by thins lens films: do it from B.S.Agrawal, Brijlal & Subramaniyam, Ajoy Ghatak
  • Multiple Beam interference & Fabry-Perot Interferometer: - Prepare it from Ajoy Ghatak, Ajoy Ghatak, Brijlal and Subramaniyam

Prepare the Chromatic Resolving Power of Fabry-Perot Interferometer (question asked IFS2007) from Ajoy Ghatak, and also from Jenkins & White….

2(d) Diffraction: - Prepare it from B.S.Agrawal, Ajoy Ghatak, Brijlal & Subramaniyam

  • Prepare diffraction by a circular aperture & the Airy pattern from Ghatak
  • Solve and practice numerical on diffraction grating…

2(e) Polarization & Modern Physics: Ajoy Ghatak, Brijlal & Subramaniyam, B.S.Agrawal

  • Prepare it from Ajoy Ghatak, Brijlal & Subramaniyam
  • Prepare the topic of attenuation from Brijlal & Subramaniyam.
  • Spatial and temporal Coherence : prepare it from Ajoy Ghatak, Brijlal & Subramaniyam
  • In Holography, refer Jenkins and White & Brijlal & Subramaniyam to write answers on Leikh & Upathkis (CSE2003 question)

3.Electricity & Magnetism:

Main books are

  • Electrodynamics by D.J.Griffiths,
  • Electricity & Magnetism by D.C.Tayal
  • Chopra & Agarwal
  • Electricity and Magnetism by Satya Prakash
  • Schaum Series
  • D.J.Chang
  • Laplace & Poisson equations in electrostatics & their applications: Do it from D.J.Griffiths (try all the solved and unsolved examples on this topic)…solution manual for the Griffiths is available on the Internet so download it and make use of it….Also do problems from the Schaum Series, there are some good examples given in this book…A good no of solved examples are there in D.C.Tayal, Chopra & Agarwal and also in Satya Prakash.
  • Energy of a system of charges: calculate the energy of a uniform spherical sphere, Shell; hexagon, square etc…so solve the energy problems in dielectrics…..solve all the unsolved problems of D.J.Griffiths…a good no of solved examples are in D.C. Tayal so prepare them…
  • Method of images and its applications: refer D.J.Griffiths, Chopra & Agarwal, Chang, D.C.Tayal, Satya Prakash…also solve the conducting sphere in uniform electic field by the method of images….
  • Magnetic Shell: do it from D.C.Tayal, Satya Prakash, also solve the question of Shell came in the CSE mains exam of 2007…
  • Uniformly Magnetized Sphere : do it from Griffiths (problem 6.15 of Griffiths)….please see the solution manual of Griffiths to know the way things are to be written…also solve the problem of uniformly magnetized sphere in uniform electric field from Griffiths
  • Dielectric and Polarization: do it from Griffiths( all solved and unsolved examples) and also from D.C.Tayal, Chopra & Agrawal, Satya Prakash
  • Ferromagnetic materials, hysteresis, Energy losses: do it from D.C.Tayal, Satya Prakash etc…

(b) Biot-Savart’s Law

Ampere’s Law: do it from Griffiths, Schaum Series

LCR Circuit: solve all the cases of LR, LC, RC & LCR circuits with & without emf…also solve all the questions of previous years asked from this topic… prepare the concept of Acceptor & rejecter circuit in case of RC and LR circuits….these topics have been dealt in good detail in D.C.Tayal…

4. Thermodynamics:

Recommended books are:

  • Thermodynamics & Statistical Physics by Satya Prakash.
  • Thermodynamics,Kinetic Theory & Statistical Thermodynamics by Sears and Salinger
  • Thermodynamics by Garg & Bansal
  • Thermodynamics by B.S.Agarwal
  • Thermodynamics by Dittaman & Zemansky
  • Thermodynamics by Loganathan
  • Entropy: - prepare all the derivations related to entropy from “Garg & Bansal”, “Sears & Salinger”, Dittaman & Zemansky…Practice various numerical given in B.S.Agarwal, related to entropy so that if a numerical comes in the exam then one will be able to solve the same….
  • Otto & Diesel Engines:- This topic in best given in the Satya Prakash book….prepare it thoroughly and also see the 2003 CSM question on Otto Engines…
  • Gibbs’ Phase Rule: - Prepare its derivation from “Garg & Bansal” ….this topic has never been asked in the exam so this can be a potential question in the exam…
  • Chemical Potential:- prepare the derivation (from Garg & Bansal) that Chemical Potential is equal in all the phases
  • Thermodynamic Potential: - Prepare a write-up on this topic from “Sears & Salinger”…
  • Maxwell-Boltzman Distribution of Molecular Velocities:- prepare it from Loganathan, “Garg & Bansal”, “Sears & Salinger”
  • Almost every year a numerical is asked from this topic in the Indian Forest Service Examination…and all these numerical have been sourced from Thermodynamics by Loganathan….so practice them carefully…
  • Transport Phenomena:- Topics under this head are Thermal Conductivity, Thermal Viscosity, Coefficient of Diffusion…Prepare all these topics from “Garg & Bansal”, “Sears & Salinger”…..also prepare the analysis of these coefficients from a Physical Chemistry book by P.W.Atkins (8th Edition)
  • Equipartition theorem :- prepare it from “Sears & Salinger”, and Satya Prakash
  • Dulong-Petit, Einstein & Debye’s theory of specific heat capacity of solids: do it from SatyaPrakash, “Sears & Salinger”…every year one to two questions are asked from this topic….
  • A compulsory question asked in CSE2005 regarding the “Law of Corresponding States in Specific heats of Solids” is given in a chemistry book named Physical Chemistry by Alberty & Silbey
  • Maxwell relations and its applications:- Prepare a write-up on this topic…prepare all the derivatios & deductions from Sears & Salinger, Garg & Bansal, Dittaman & Zemansky, Satya Prakash, Loganathan
  • Clausius & Clayperon Equation: - Solve numerical on this topic. It is important to convert every variable into S.I. unit and then solve the numerical….
  • Prepare Cequi from Loganathan book…
  • Adiabatic Demagnetization:-prepare it from Garg & Bansal, Sears & Salinger…Prepare concept of magnetic temperature…also solve some numerical on this topic......
  • Joule-Kelvin Effect: - Prepare it from Garg & Bansal…solve µJT for different gas equations (given in Sears and Salinger)…Integrate Joule-Kelvin equations, Solve numerical on this topic….

(b) Statistical Physics:-

  • Macro & Microstates: - prepare basics from Satya Prakash, Sears & Salinger…solve some small numerical on this topic…please go through the all the solved and unsolved examples given in Sears & Salinger book….solve old Indian forest Service Exam equations on this topic…
  • Statistical Distributions: - prepare from Sears & Salinger, Satya Prakash….solve all in Chapter examples of Sears & Salinger….go through the in-chapter problems of H.C.Verma of Quantum Mechanics
  • Solve IFS2009 question on statistical distributions…..It was taken directly from “Loganathan”…
  • Fermi-Dirac distributions & its applications to specific gases: - Prepare electronic specific heat of solids, solve numerical on Fermi theory of specific heat….Solve IFS 2009, IFS2008 question on this topic….solve some of the numerical regarding Fermi Pressure, Fermi Energy, Bulk Modulus for Fermi Gas…
  • Prepare black-body radiation from Satya Prakash,Garg & Bansal and from Sears & Salinger…do solve some of the numerical on this topic…
  • Bose-Einstein distributions & its applications:- Prepare CV for Bose-Einstein statistics
  • Concept of Negative Temperatures: - Prepare it from Sears & Salinger, Garg & Bansal

Courtesy: Abhijeet Agrawal, AIR-24