(Syllabus) MPPSC : Syllabus For Commerce Preliminary Examination (Optional)

Madhya Pradesh Public Service Commission
Syllabus For Commerce Preliminary Examination (Optional)


1. Theoritical Accounting
Nature, Objectives, Principles, Concept, Convention & limitation, Accounting Process.

2. Practical Accounting
Final Accounts with Adjustiments, Capital and Revenue Items, depreciation Reserves -Provisions and Funds.

3. Partnership Accounts
Partnership deed, Admission, Retirement, Death and dissolution.

4. Company Accounts
Issue, forfeiture and re-issue of shares, Issue of Right and Bonus Shares, Issue and Redemption of Debenture, Final Accounts, Analysis and Interpretation of Published Accounts.

5. Cost Accounts
Nature, objectives & importance, Elements of cost, Cost-sheets, Tenders, Reconciliation of cost and Financial Accounts.

6. Auditing
Nature, objects and importance; Audit Programme, Appointment of Auditor, Rights, Duties and Liabilities of an Auditor.

7. Management
Concepts - treditioanl & Modern Functions of Management : Planning, Organisation, Staffing, Direction, co-ordination & control, decision making , Communication Professional Management.

8. Secretarial Practics
Appointment of company secretary, Rights, duties and liabilities of company secretary, position of Campany Secretary Meetings- Drafting, Notice, Agenda & minutes.

9. Commercial Maths.
Simultaneous Equations, Calculation of Average, Ratio, Commission, Profit & Loss and Interest- Simple & Compound.

10. Different Dimensions of Commerce
(1) Entrepreneurship - Nature, Functions and importance.
(2) Stock exchange - Functions and Importance.
(3) Multi national companies & their functions.
(4) Factors affecting Business Environment.
(5) Characteristics of E-commerce.
(6) Application of Computers in business.