(Syllabus) MPPSC : Syllabus For Criminology And Forensic Science Preliminary Examination (Optional)

Madhya Pradesh Public Service Commission
Syllabus For Indian Criminology And Forensic Science Examination (Optional)


1. Crime, sin and tort

2. Classification of crime
(1) Indian Penal Code and special and local law offences
(2) Cognizable and non-cognizable offences

3. Causes of crime - Cultural, social, economic, and political

4. Offences against person - Nature and types

5. Offences against property - Nature and types

6. White collar crimes

7. Economic offences

8. Environmental crimes - Water and air pollution, forest and industries

9. Cyber crimes

10. Punishment - Definition and types

11. Police in modern society - Importance and organisational structure at state, district and police-station level.

12. Central Police Organisations - Their functions

13. Main police functions: First Information Report, Arrest, search and seizure, investigation of cognizable and non-cognizable offences.

14. Recording of statement of victims and other witnesses.

15. Evidence: Importance and types as per Indian Evidence Act.

16. Policing and Human Rights

17. Scence of crime - Types,Searching methods of physical evidence, sketching and photography

18. Forensic Science - History, definition and scope.

19. Organisation and functions of Forensic Science Laboratory.

20. Organisation and functions of Government Examiner of Questioned Documents, (G.E.Q.D.and S.E.Q.D.)Finger Print Bureau, National and State Crime Record Bureau, Directorate of Forensic Science.

21. Physical evidence - Definition and types, location, collection, preservation, packing and forwarding. Chain of custody of exhibits.

22. Identification of person - Anthropometric, biometric, and DNA methods

23. Application of Forensic Science in the detection of intoxicating agents in motor-vehicle drivers.