(Syllabus) MPPSC : Syllabus For Philosophy Preliminary Examination (Optional)

Madhya Pradesh Public Service Commission
Syllabus For Indian Philosophy  Examination (Optional)


1. Logic
(1) Nature of Logic, difference between Deduction and Induction, Truth and Validity, Informal Fallacies.
(2) Proposition and its types (Categorical, Hypothetical and isjunctive), Structure of Categorical Syllogism, Figures and Moods , Rules and Fallacies.

(3) Symoblic Logic - Importance of Symbols, simple and compound Statements, Truth Function and Truth Tables, Tautology, Contradictions and Contingent Statements.

(4) Indian logic- inference theory in Buddist and Nyaya Philosophy

2. Ethics - Indian and Western
(1) Indian Ethics - Ethics of Gita, Buddha, Jain , Charvaka and Gandhi.
(2) Western ethics - Moral Concepts, Good, Right, Duty, Virtue, Freedom, Responsibility and Justice. Moral Standards – Hedonism and Perfectionism, Ethics of Kant, Theories of Punishment.

3. History of Western Philosophy
(1) Greek Philosophy - Socrates’s, dialectical Method ,Plato’s theory of knowledge and Aristotle’s. Causation theory.

(2) Medieval Philosophy - Concepts of God, St. Aquinas and St. Anselm .

(3) Modern Philosophy - Rationalist thinkers – Descartes , spinoza Leibnitz, Empiricism - Locke, Berkeley and Hume.Kant's theory of criticism, Categories of understanding, Antinomies and space and time.

4. History of Indian Philosophy
Orthodox and Heterodox Schools with reference to their .basic concepts and theories - Charvaka, Buddha, Jain, Samkhya, Yoga, Nyaya, Vaisesika, Mimamsa and Vedanta ( Shankara and Ramanuja )