(Syllabus) MPPSC : Syllabus For Sociology Preliminary Examination (Optional)

Madhya Pradesh Public Service Commission
Syllabus For Indian Sociology Preliminary Examination (Optional)


(1) The meaning & nature of Sociology.
(2) The sociological perspective, sociology and social sciences
(3) Scope of sociology.

2. Basic concepts
Society, Community, Institution and Associations, Social groups, Social structure, Status and role. Culture , Acculturation , Cultural lag.

3. Institutions
Family and kinship, Religion, Marriage, caste and class changing dimensions.

4. Views about Indian society
(1) Varna, Ashram, Dharma,Field views - M.N. Srinivas, S.C. Dube
(2) Structure and composition of Indian society: Village, City, Scheduled tribes, Dalits, Other backward class, Constitutional provisions, Women and minorities.

5. Rural and urban society
Characteristics of rural and urban society. Changing status of women with reference to community participation ( Panchayatiraj and social and ritual festivals) Rural- rban migration, Rural development, Rural urban continuum.

6. Tribal society
Matrilineal and polyandrous socities, Forms of marriage, practices relating to mate selection, Difference and similarity between tribes and castes, Tribal movement.

7. Social control
Meaning and agents of social control, Types of social control. Socialization - Meaning and agents.

8. Social change
Meaning and factors, Progress and development, Sanskritization , Westernization.

9. The pioneers
August comte, Herbert Spencer, Emile - Durkheim, Max Weber.

10. Societal problems
Castism, Communalism, Corruption, Population Growth andunemployment, Domestic- violence.