(Syllabus) RAS Pre-Syllabus: Agricultural Engineering (Code No. 02)

Rajasthan Public Service Commission

RAS Pre-Syllabus: Agricultural Engineering (Code No. 02)

Hydrologic cycle, Rainfall and Runoff measurement, measures to control Soil Erosion and watershed management, Soil-Water-Plant relationship, Irrigation water measurement, Surface irrigation methods, Drainage Principles, Surface and sub Surface Drainage methods, Hydraulic Conductivity and Drainage Coefficient, Type of Aquifiers, well log, Ground water prospects and water lifting Devices.

Types of Tractor drawn:-

Primary and secondary tillage machinery, their selection, operation, field capacity and efficiency. Types of Sprayers and Dusters, Power operated-Harvesting and threshing machinery, Types of farm tractors, introduction todifferent systems and their maintenance. Principles of processing of agricultural crops:- Size reduction, material handling and separation equipments. Principles of Drying and Drying Equipment. Use of Pschrometric chart. Processing of milk, Dairy equipments. Storage of Grains and Principles of food preservation. Requirement of Rural Electrification and construction materials of Rural Housing.

Energy and types of Energy Sources:-

Conventional and non-Conventional energy sources viz-solar thermal, solar Photovoltaic, Bio-energy, Bio Gas, selection of Bio gas plant (site, size and type), Wind Energy, Geothermal, Ocean Energy-present status and potential of renewable energy sources in the Rajasthan State.

Fluid properties, flow through pipe and open channel, Notches and weirs, culverts, anicuts, and checkdams, measurement of fluid pressure, friction in pipe flow and its effect.

Survey instruments and their uses. Use of survey in watershed, Planning rural roads and reservoir's constructions.

Rural housing and farm structures, Principles of rural electrification, safety measures in farm operations.

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