(Syllabus) RAS Pre-Syllabus: Animal Husbandry & Veterinary Science (Code No. 03)

Rajasthan Public Service Commission

RAS Pre-Syllabus: Animal Husbandry & Veterinary Science (Code No. 03)

A. Animal Hasbandry:

A.1 General:

  • Present status and future scope of livestock. Role of livestock in Indian economy and human health. Socio-economic aspects of livestock enterprises.

A.2 Genetics and Breeding:

  • Elements of genetics and breeding as applied to improvement of animals. Indigenous breeds of cattle, buffalo, sheep, goat, pigs, camel and poultry for production of milk, meat, wool, eggs & work.

A.3 Nutrition:

  • Classification of feeds, proximate analysis of feeds. Conservation of feeds and fodders. Feeding standards. Functions of food. Characteristics of ideal ration. Feeding of calves, heifers, pregnant and milking
    animals. Rationing of poultry.

A4. Management:

  • Housing and management of young, growing, pregnant and milking animals, bulls, bullocks. Importance of farm records. Economics of livestock enterprises. Methods of milking and clean milk production.

A5. Dairy Science:

  • Composition of milk and factors affecting milk composition. Physical properties and food value. Quality control of milk. Common tests and legal standards. Milk collection, chilling, transportation, processing packaging, storage & marketing. Preparation of common milk products - cream, curd, ghee, khoa, butter, channa. Cleaning and sterilizing of milk utensils.

B. Veterinary Science:

B.1 Artificial insemination:

  • Advantages, collection, evaluation, dilution, preservation and insemination of semen. Fertility and sterility.

B.2 Hygiene :

  • Veterinary hygiene in relation to water, air and habitation. Sources of water and standards of potable water.

B.3 Principles of immunization and vaccination.

B.4 Veterinary Pathology :

  • Etiology, symptoms, diagnosis prevention and treatment of following diseases:

B. 4.1 Cattle :

  • Anthrax, foot and mouth disease, haemorrhagic septicaemia, rinderpest, black quarter, Jhones' disease.

B.4.2 Poultry:

  • Coccidiosis, Ranikhet diseases, fowl pox, avian leucosis, Marek's disease.

B.4.3 Miscl:

  • Tympany, enteritis, pneumonia, colic, mastitis, milk fever, surrah, ketosis.

B.5 Toxicology:

  • Common poisoning in farm animals, their prevention and control.

B.6 Tranquilizers used to control wild animals and animals in captivity.

B.7 Prevention of cruelty against animals.

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