(Syllabus) RAS Pre-Syllabus: Botany (Code No. 04)

Rajasthan Public Service Commission

RAS Pre-Syllabus: Botany (Code No. 04)

1. Origin of Life : Basic ideas.

2. Biological Evolution : General account of chemical and biological evolution and mechanism of speciation.

3. Cell Biology : Cell structure and functions of cell organelles; structure and composition of cell wall and cell membrane. Mitosis and meiosis and their significance.

4. Plant Anatomy: Origin, development, structure and function of primary and secondary tissues.

5. Genetics and Plant Breeding : Mendel's Laws of inheritance, concept of gene and genetic code; physical and chemical basis of heredity; Linkage, crossing over and sex determination; Mutation, polyploidy, hybrid vigour and their role in crop improvement.

6. Plant Diversity : Structure and evolutionary trends in plant forms :
(a) Algae to angiosperms.
(b) Ultra-structure, reproduction and economic importance of viruses, Mycoplasma and Bacteria.
(c) Structure, reproduction and economic importance of Lichens.

7. Plant systematics : International code of Botanical Nomenclature (ICBN); Principles and important rules of (Validity, Effectively and Priority). Herbaria and Botanical Gardens and their role in plant systematics. Plant taxonomy - a synthetic discipline.

8. Plant Physiology : Water relations, Mineral nutrition, Photosynthesis, Respiration, Nitrogen metabolism, Enzymes, Plant growth regulators, Physiology of flowering, Secondary metabolites - a brief account.

9. Reproductive Biology : Pollination, fertilization, sexual incompatibility; Development, structure dormancy and germination of seed.

10. Plant Pathology : Symptoms, etiology and control measures of following diseases : White rusts of crucifers, Early blight of potato, Black rust of wheat, Loose smut of wheat, Red rot of sugarcane, Tikka disease of groundnut.

11. Environmental Biology : Structure and function of Ecosystem; Ecological adaptations; Climate, Vegetation and Phytogeographical regions of India. National parks and wild life sanctuaries - Deforestation, afforestation and social forestry. Environmental pollution, ecological indicators, soil erosion and waste land reclamation.

12. Botany - A human concern :
(a) Germ plasm resources and conservation.
(b) Endangered, threatened and endemic taxa.
(c) Cell, tissue, organ and protoplast cultures in micropropagation and genetic diversity.
(d) Biotechnology in Agri-horticulture, Medicine and Industry.
(e) Plants as sources of food, fibres, fatty oils, drugs, Fuels and timbers, paper, rubber beverages, spices, resins, gums, dyes, insecticides, pesticides and ornamentation.

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