(Syllabus) RAS Pre-Syllabus: Economics (Code No. 12)

Rajasthan Public Service Commission

RAS Pre-Syllabus: Economics (Code No. 12)

Part - I

1. National Income Accounting : National Income : Concepts, Components, Measurement and Inter-relationship. National Income Deflator.

2. Price Theory : Indifference curve Approach. Consumer equilibrium. Cost curves. Determination of prices under different market structure. Pricing of factors of Production.

3. Money and Banking :Relationship between Money, Prices and output. Therories of the Demand for money and supply.

4. International Trade : The theory of comparative costs; Ricardian and Heckscherohlin. The balance of payments and the adjustment mechanism. Globalisation : Impact of Foreign Trade.

Part - II

Economic growth and development : Meaning and Measurement; Indicators of development. The Harrod-Domar Model and developing economies.

Part - III

Trends in key parameters of the Indian economy since 1985. Key Annual Sectorial Growth rates during the current plan. NDP of India by Industry and origin at constant prices during the 1990s. Globalisation and liberalisation of the Indian economy with reference to Agriculture Industry and Foreign Trade. Indian Planning : Its approaches, Strategies and overall achievements. Problems of poverty, inflation and unemployment since 1980s.

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