(Syllabus) RAS Pre-Syllabus: Mechanical Engineering (Code No. 21)

Rajasthan Public Service Commission

RAS Pre-Syllabus: Mechanical Engineering (Code No. 21)

Statics : Simple application of equilibrium equations.

Dynamics : Simple application of equations of motion work; energy; power.

Theory of Machines : Simple examples of links and mechanism. Classification of gears, standard gear tooth profiles, Classification of bearings, Functions of fly wheel. Types of governors, Static and dynamic balancing, Simple examples of vibration of bars, Whirling of shafts.

Mechanics of solids : Stress, strain, Hooke's Law, elastic modulii, Bending moment and shearing force diagrams for beams, Simple bending and torsion of beams, spring, thin and thick walled cylinders, Mechanical properties and material testing.

Manufacturing Science : Mechanics of metal cutting, tool life, economics of machining, cutting tool materials, Basic machining processes, types of machine tools, transfer lines, metal forming processes, shearing, drawing, spinning, rolling, forming, extrusion, Different types of casting and welding methods.

Production Management : Method and time study, motion economy and work space design, operation and flow process charts. Product design and cost selection of manufacturing process. Break evens analysis, Site selection, plant layout, materials handling, selection of equipment for job, shop and mass production, scheduling, despatching, routing inventory.

Thermodynamics : Heat, work and temperature, First and second laws of thermodynamics, Carnot, Rankine, Otto and diesel Cycles.

Fluid Mechanics : Hydrostatics, Continuity equation. Bernoullis theorem, Flow through pipes, Discharge measurement. Laminar and Turbulent flow. Concept of boundary layer.

Heat Transfer : Heat transfer by conduction, Convection and Radiation, One dimensional steady state conduction through walls and cylinders. Fins Concept of thermal boundary layer. Heat transfer coefficient, over-all heat-transfer coefficient. Heat exchangers.

Energy Conversion : Compression and spark ignition engines, Compressors, fans and blowers, Hydraulic pumps and turbines, thermal turbo machines. Boiler, Flow of steam through nozzles, layout of power plants.

Environmental Control : Refrigeration cycles, refrigeration equipment, its operation and maintenance, important refrigerants, Psychometric comfort, cooling and dehumidification.

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