(Syllabus) RAS Pre-Syllabus: Political Science (Code No. 25)

Rajasthan Public Service Commission

RAS Pre-Syllabus: Political Science (Code No. 25)

1. (a) Political Science : Meaning; Traditional and contemporary perspectives.
(b) The State-Sovereignty; Theories of Sovereignty, Monistic and Pluralistic view.
(c) Theories of the Origin of the States (Social Contract, Historical/Evolutionary and Marxist)
(d) Theories of the functions of the State (Liberal, Welfare and Socialist)

2. (a) Concepts-Rights, Property, Liberty, Equality, Justice, Law, Political Elite.
(b) Democracy-Electoral process; Theories of Representation; Public opinion, Freedom of Speech, the Role of the Press, Political Parties and Pressure Groups.
(c) Political Ideologies - Liberalism; Socialism (Democratic and Fabian); Marxian, Socialism and Gandhism.
(d) Theory of Democracy, Political Development & Decay.

3. Organisation of Government : Constitutional Government, Parliamentary and Presidential Government, Federal and Unitary Government; State and Local Governament; Bureaucracy.

4. (a) Landmarks in the evolution of the National Liberation Movement and Constitutional Development in India since 1858.
(b) The Indian Constitution : Fundamental Rights, Directive Principles of State Policy; Legislature; Executive, Judiciary and Judical Review; the Rule of Law.
(c) Federalism, Centre-State Relations and Panchayati Raj in Rajasthan.

5. Major Issues and Trends in International Politics; United Nations Organization and Foreign Policy of India.

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