(Syllabus) RAS Pre-Syllabus: Psychology (Code No. 26)

Rajasthan Public Service Commission

RAS Pre-Syllabus: Psychology (Code No. 26)

1. Scope, Method and subject matter.

2. Methods : Experimental methods, Field Studies, clinical and case methods, Characteristics of psychological studies.

3. Physiological Basis, Structure and functions of the nervous systems, functions of the endocrine system.

4. Development of Behaviour, Genetic mechanism, Environmental factors, Growth and maturation, Relevant experimental studies.

5. Cognitive processes (I) : Perception, Perceptual Process ; Perceptual organisation, Perception of form, colour, depth and time, Perceptual constancy, Role of motivation, Social and cultural factors in perceptions.

6. Cognitive Processes (II) : Learning. Learning process. Learning theories; Classical conditioning, Operant conditioning, Trial and error and Insight theories, Perceptual learning. Learning and motivation. Verbal learning. Motor learning.

7. Cognitive Processes (III) : Remembering. Measurement of remembering. Shortterm memory. Long-term memory. Forgetting. Theories of forgetting.

8. Cognitive Processes (IV) : Thinking. Development of thinking. Language and thought. Images. Concept formation. Problems solving

9. Intelligence : Nature of intelligence. Theories of intelligence. Measurement of intelligence. Intelligence and creativity.

10. Motivation : Needs, drives and motives. Classification of motives Measurement of motives. Theories of motivation.

11. Personality : Nature of personality. Triat and type approaches. Determinants of personality. Personality assessment : techniques and tests.

12. Coping Behaviour. Coping Mechanisms. Coping with frustration and stress. Conflicts.

13. Attitudes. Nature of attitudes. Theories of attitudes. Measurement of attitudes. Change of attitudes.

14. Communication : Types of communication, Communication process. Communication network. Distortion of communication.

15. Applications of psychology in industry, Education and Community.

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