(Syllabus) RAS Pre-Syllabus: Zoology (Code No. 30)

Rajasthan Public Service Commission

RAS Pre-Syllabus: Zoology (Code No. 30)

1. Cell : Cell structure and Functions of organelles; Cell division and metabolism; Mendel's Laws of inheritance and its present status; Mutations; Chromosomes and genes

2. Microbiology & Biotechnology : Brief history, classification and identification of bacteria and viruses. General knowledge of historical perspective and future prospects of biotechnology.

3. Biochemistry : Enzymes (nature & functions), Biochemical energetics (Basic thermodynamics, energy & its forms). Biological oxidation.

4. Developmental Biology : Gametogenesis, fertilization, cleavage, gastrulation and embryogenesis of frog metamorphosis with reference to Ascidian & frog. Development of foetal membrances in chick and mammals and placentation.

5. Systemic position, structure, reproduction & life history of following types :
Trypanosome, Monocystis, Plasmodium, Paramecium, Sycon, Obelia, Aurelia, Fasciola, Taenia, Ascoris, Nereis, Pheretima. Hirudinaria, Palaemon, Palamnaeus, Periplaneta, Pila, Unio, Balanoglossus, Amphioxus and Herdmania.

6. Comparative Anatomy of Vertebrates (Fish to Mammal) and Mammalian Physiology; Integument Endoskeleton Digestive system, Respiratory system. Circulatorysystem, Urinogenital system, Nervous system, Sense orgns and Endocrine system.

7. Ecology & Ethology : Biotic & abiotic factors; Population; Community; Concept of Ecosystem. Fresh water, marine. Desert habitat; Pollution (Source, impact & prevention) : Concept of ethology; methods of studying behaviour, social behaviour in animals; Management of wild life; Bird & Fish migration and future prospects of biotechnology.

8. Evolution and Zoogeography : Origin of life : Theories and evidences of evolution; speciation, Isolation. Principal Zoogeographical regions and their faunal pattern.

9. Applied Zoology : Economic importance of Protozoans, Helminths, insects and molluses and pisciculture. Parasitic adaptations in animals.

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