(Syllabus) RAS Syllabus (Main): Management (Code No. 32)

Rajasthan Public Service Commission

RAS Syllabus (Main): Management (Code No. 32)

Management Paper-I

A. General :

Meaning : Nature and importance of management; Evolution of Management thought; Approaches to the study of Management.

B. Process of Management :

Planning : Concept, importance, Types; process, Decision making process, Budgeting: meaning, importance and types. Organisation : Concept; Importance; Principles; Types of structures; Span of Control; Authority, responsibility and accountability; concepts of delegation, centralization and de-centralisation.
Direction: Concept; Importance; Leadership theories; Motivation:  Meaning, importance, contribution of Maslow, Herzberg, McGreagor and McCleland; Management by Objectives; Management by
Coordination: Meaning; Importance; Techniques; Communication: concept, process and importance.
Control: Concept; importance; process; Techniques of control.

 C. Environment :

Internal: Group Dynamics; Organisational Change; Organisational Conflict, Organisational Development.
External: National income analysis and its use in business forecasting;
Regulatory policies: Monetary, Fiscal and Planning and their impact on business decisions. Demand Analysis and Forecasting; Cost analysis; Pricing decisions under different market structures.

D. Statistical Methods :

Measures of Central tendencies; Time Series Analysis: Correlation Regression, Interpolation & Extrapolation; Index numbers.

Management Paper-I

Functional Areas of Management:

Finance : Meaning, Scope and importance of financial management; Sources and uses of funds; fund flow and cash flow analysis; Ratio analysis: Liquidity, Activity and Profitability; Cost-volume-Profit Analysis; Leverages; Operating and Financial; Capital Budgeting: Cost of Capital and Risk analysis; Concept of working capital and its sources.
Production & Material : Production process: Mass, Job and Project; Location and layout planning; work study; Method study; Incentive plans; Production planning and control; Quality control; Purchase Planning: Material flows; inventory control; Vendor development D G S & D Purchase process and procedure; PERT and CPM.
Marketing : Meaning; Importance, Evolution of modern concept of marketing; Market Segmentation; Marketing-mix : product, price, promotion and place; Changing environment of Indian market: Concept of product- ife cycle; Concept and Components of Communication-mix: Advertising, Personal Selling; Sales-promotion and publicity; public distribution system. Consumer behaviour and consumer protection in India.
Human Resources : Meaning: Importance; Concept of Human Resource Development: Processes (a) Human Resource Planning (b) Human Resource Recruitment and Selection; Job Description; Job Enlargement; Job Enrichment, Training and Development; Wage determination and salary structure; Performance Appraisal; Workers Participation in Management; Grievance Handling Procedure; Collective Bargaining; Trade Unions in India.

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