(Syllabus) RPSC: Scheme of Exam & Syllabus for Post Motor Vehicles Sub Inspector

Rajasthan Public Service Commission

Scheme of Examination & Syllabus for the Post of Motor Vehicles Sub Inspector

RPSC: Scheme of Exam & Syllabus for Post Motor Vehicles Sub Inspector

1 A Candidate must appear in all the papers. There will be three papers, paper I will be objective type and II and III will be descriptive and a personality and viva-voce test. The name and the total marks and the time allowed for each paper will be as follows :-

Paper-I General Knowledge and Everyday Science 100 Marks, 2 Hrs.
Paper-II Language Test 100 Marks 2 Hrs.
Paper-III Automobile and Mechanical Engineering 200 Marks 3 Hrs

2. Personality and Viva-Voce Examination :-

  1. Candidate who obtain such minimum qualifying marks in the written test as may be fixed by the Commission in their discretion shall be summoned by them for interview, which carries 50 Marks.
  2. The standard of the papers will be that of a secondary/Polytechnic Diploma.
  3. All papers unless specifically require shall be answered either in English or Hindi, but no candidate shall be permitted to answer any one paper partly in Hindi or partly in English unless speafically allowed to do so.
  4. If a candidate's hand-writing is not easily legible a deduction will be made on this account from the total marks otherwise accruing to him.
  5. Credit will be given for orderly, effective and exact expression combined with due economy of words in all descriptive papers of the examination.

3. Syllabus : Syllabus and scope of papers :-


सामान्य ज्ञान:-

भारत की महत्वपूर्ण ऐतिहासिक घटनाएंे तथा शासक। 1857 का प्रथम स्वतंत्रता संग्राम। 1886 से राष्ट्रीय आन्दोलन। भारतीय संविधान की प्रमुख विशेषताऐं। राष्ट्रपति, मंत्री परिषद एवं संसद।

राजस्थान की महत्वपूर्ण ऐतिहासिक घटनाऐं तथा व्यक्ति। राज्यपाल, विधानसभा, न्यायपालिका, स्थानीय निकाय। सामाजिक व्यवस्था, साहित्य मेले एवं त्यौहार।

राष्ट्र के समक्ष चुनौतियां - जनसंख्या विस्तार निर्धनता, बेरोजगारी, साक्षरता, महिला उत्थान, सामाजिक अपराध, ऊर्जा संकट (विशेष रूप से राजस्थान के संदर्भ में)

भारत की भौगोलिक एवं आर्थिक व्यवस्था - क्षेत्र, जलवायु, सिंचाई, वनस्पति एवं जीवजन्तु, खनिज, कृषि एवं पशुपालन (विशेष रूप से राजस्थान के संदर्भ) राजस्थान की सड़क परिवहन व्यवस्था, योजनाएं, क्रियान्वित एवं समस्याएं, सड़क यातायात संकेत, सड़क यातायात बीमा योजना, सड़क यातायात दुर्घटना एवं न्यायिक प्रक्रिया।

महत्वपूर्ण समसामयिक घटनाएंे एवं व्यक्ति, खेलकूद (विशेष रूप से राजस्थान के संदर्भ में)

दैनिक विज्ञान:-

मानव शरीर के महत्वपूर्ण तन्त्रों का प्रारम्भिक ज्ञान। विटामिन, इनके स्त्रोत तथा अभाव से उत्पन्न रोग। शर्करा, प्रोटीन एवं वसा का ज्ञान तथा इनका आहारीय ऊर्जामान। रूधिर संचरना, परिसंचरण तथा कार्य स्थानान्तरण एवं रूधिर प्रकार। संतुलित आहार एवं भोजन परिरक्षण। मानव सेवा में रसायन। सामान्य रोग उपचार एवं प्रतिरक्षात्मक उपाय। सड़क दुर्घटना एवं प्राथमिक उपचार परमाणु संरचना एवं रेडियों एक्टिवता। रेडियों समस्थानक एवं उनका उपयोग। ऊर्जा के परम्परागत एवं अपरम्परागत स्त्रोत।

विद्युत धारा एवं विद्युत का दैनिक जीवन में उपयोग, पर्यावरण एवं प्रदुषण। अन्तरिक्ष का प्राथमिक ज्ञान, अन्तरिक्ष यान व अन्तरिक्ष यात्रा की उपलब्धियां। महत्वपूर्ण आविष्कार/आविष्कारक तथा

PAPER – II खण्ड (अ)

सामान्य हिन्दी (पूर्णाक 50)
1. शब्द संरचना - उपसर्ग, प्रत्यय, संन्धि, समास का सामान्य ज्ञान एवं तत्संबंधी अशुद्धियों को पहचानने की योग्यता।
2. शब्द युग्मों में से सही शब्द की पहचान
3. समानार्थक बोधक शब्द
4. विपरीतार्थक शब्द
5. परिवहन संबंधी अंग्रेजी तकनीकी शब्दावली की समानार्थक हिन्दी शब्दावली
6. मुहावरों का सही प्रयोग
7. अशुद्ध वाक्यों को शुद्ध करने की योग्यता
8. कार्यालय संबंधी पत्र लेखन
9. समसामयिक जीवन से संबंधित विषय पर निबन्ध (शब्द सीमा - 200 शब्द)


1. Comprehension of a passage of about 200 words –
(a) Question on the given passage
(b) Vocabulary on the given passage

(Word substitution, antonyms, synonyms, word meanings)
2. Grammer and usage :

(a) Forms of the verbs
(b) Transformation of Sentences
(c) Correction of sentences

3. Paragraph writing (150 words)

4. Letter writing (Official)

5. Translation (Hindi to English)



Belt, Chain and Gear Drives, Speed Ratio, Frict on Clutches, Rolling Friction, Vibrations-Causes and Remedies, Shock Absorbers, Torsion in Solid and Hollow Shafts, Springs, Pascal's Law, Bernoullie's Theorem Fluid Pumps-Types and Working, Basic Principles of Thermodynamics-Concepts, Gas laws, laws of thermodynamics and processes, Gas Power cycles Car not cycle, otto cycle and Diesel Cycle, Air Compressor and Superchargers-Types, Description and Working.


Classifiation, 2-Stroke and 4 Stroke Cycles, their relative merits and demerits. Constructional details, working and special features of Petrol and diesel Engines and their componnents. I.C. engine systems, Components and their working Air-Fuel Supply System and Fuels used, Cooling systems and Coolents, Lubrication systems, Lubricants and their properties, Ignition systems and System Equipments. Governing and Control of I.C. Engines, S.I. and G.I. Engine Combustion Chambers.


Perfomance Parameters, Finding of I.H.P., B.H.P., F.H.P. by Noise Test, Method of finding BHP by Dynamometrs, Mechanical, Thermal, Volume tric, Air Standard and Relative Efficiency of I.C. Engines. Heat Balance Sheet, ISI Rating of I.C. Engines. Combustion Phenomenon in SI and CI Engines, Surface Ignition, Knocking or Detonation, Octane and cetane rating. Measurement fo Exhaust smoke and Exhaust emission.


Classification, Components and their function, Layout of Chesis and its allignment, Alternative arrangements used in respect of engine Position, Front Wheel, Rear Wheel drives and 4-Wheel drives.


Power transmission system, Auto Electrical System and equipments, Brakes and Braking System and Components, Frames and suspension system, Stearing and Strearing Geometry.


Types of wheels, types of tyres. tyre specifications, importance of maintaining tyre pressure. Tyre troubles and repair. Tyre retreading.


Driving Inspection and Road Testing of Autovehicles. Road worthiness requirements of Auto Vehicles, Important provisions of Motor Vehicle act and Rules.


Candidates who obtain such minimum qualifying marks in the written examination as may be fixed by the commission in their discretion, shall be summoned by the commission for personality and Viva-Voce Examination. The commission shall award marks to candidates interviewed by them, having regard to his character, personality, address, physique and knowledge of Rajasthan Culture. The marks so awarded shall be added to marks obtained by each candidate in the written examination.

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