(Syllabus) RPSC: Syllabus For Post of College Lecturer: Home Science (Extension Education)

Rajasthan Public Service Commission

Syllabus For Post of College Lecturer: Home Science (Extension Education)

UNIT-I: Fundamentals of Extension -

  1. Origin and evolution of Community Development and Extension in India - Lessons learnt from early experiments.
  2. Concept, Principles and Process of Extension with special reference to Home Science.
  3. Concept of Democratic decentralization, organization and role of Panchayati Raj Institutions in development.
  4. Leadership - identification and development.
  5. Extension methods - Classification, critical analysis and principles in using extension methods.

UNIT-II: Development Communication -

  1. Concept, importance and approaches in development communication
  2. Evolving strategies in development communication in India since early planned development.
  3. Process of change in behaviour - adult learning, role of motivation, diffusion and adoption.
  4. Agencies in promotion of development communication - Government agencies and NGOs.

UNIT-III: Techniques in Communication - Use and Application :

  1. Mass Media : TV, Radio, Video & Print.
  2. Interactive Media : Interpersonal methods and multi-media.
  3. Folk Media of Rajasthan.

UNIT-IV: Extension Programme Management -

  1. Concept, elements (POSDCORB), process and techniques of management - CPM, PERT and SWOT analysis.
  2. Programme Planning : Process, approaches and level of participation, organization sub-plans.
  3. Monitoring and Evaluation : Concept, purpose & techniques, need for documentation.
  4. Concept, types and role of different community organizations, techniques of and skills in community organizations.
  5. Training for Extension programme management - concept, types, models and techniques; management of training programmes.

UNIT-V: Development Programmes -

  1. Critical review of development programmes in Five Year Plans.
  2. Economic, literacy, non-formal education, health and nutrition programmes : Objectives and role in development.
  3. Functions of supportive agencies in development of programmes.
  4. Women empowerment: focus in development programmes, principles and agencies of entrepreneurship development and self employment.

Note :- Pattern of Question Paper

  1. Objective type paper
  2. Maximum Marks : 100
  3. Number of Questions : 100
  4. Duration of Paper : Two Hours
  5. All questions carry equal marks.
  6. There will be Negative Marking.

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